Signs That Indicate the Need of Boiler Repair East London

Boiler Repair East London:

Winters are around the corner and we all want our boilers to be working just fine. They are an essential part of our heating systems and as the cool evenings come by; you need to make sure that they are not on the verge of a breakdown. And a professional Boiler Repair East London service can help you in doing so.

Majority of the people do not pay much attention to their boilers until they finally give up and do not work. But this is a wrong approach and it can be problematic as it lessens the lifespan of your boiler. But is it possible for you to indicate a possible breakdown before it actually happens? Well, yes you can!

There are some simple signs that help you indicate the need of boiler repair east London experts. If your boiler is showing any of the following signs then it needs a repair as soon as possible.

A boiler that isn’t working properly, shows different signs before it finally breaks down and gives up on you. Thus, picking those signs on time, can aid you, in calling for help, on time before it causes a bigger trouble.

Strange Unusual Sounds:

The most common sign that your boiler is in utter need of repair, are the weird sounds. A properly functioning boiler is always quiet. It doesn’t make noise. However, if it does start making weird, unusual sounds then it is certainly in need of a pro checkup. Whirring, banging and clunking sounds indicate the malfunctioning of your boiler’s fan or pump. If it is left unchecked for long; it can cause further trouble that can cause a permanent breakdown of the boiler. Likewise, if your boiler is making gurgling or whistle sounds, it needs repair.

Boiler Repair East London

Smelly boiler:

We all know that a boiler never emits any foul smells. But when it does, there is certainly something wrong with it. And it is not healthy because the smell is caused due to carbon monoxide leakage. If anyone in your house or office has breathing issues; this smell can be quite dangerous for them. The smell is not of carbon monoxide itself because it doesn’t have a smell of its own. The smell is caused because the leakage doesn’t let the flame burn properly. However, the gas is being leaked and it is breathed in by people around it; thus, it requires attention right away.

Higher Heating Bills:

If your energy or heating bills have spiked up suddenly and are consistently coming high or are increasing, your boiler is malfunctioning. A boiler repair east London expert will help you identify the issue and fix it for you. Heating bills always spike up when the boiler isn’t working properly. If your usage has increased but your energy bill has; your boiler is demanding a proper checkup.

Lack of Hot Water Production:

If your boiler is not heating water for you, the way it should, then it is definitely messed up internally and needs an expert to check it. Call a heating engineer to check it. Your boiler’s main task is to heat water and if it is not doing it properly, there is an issue that needs to be addressed.

Can I repair my boiler on my own?

Legally, you are allowed to fix your boiler on your own, at your own risk. However, it is never recommended. First because you are unable to understand the technicalities of it and you cannot open it and check it internally. Secondly, even if you are able to fix it, the issue is only resolved temporarily, for you. The issue still remains within the boiler and with time, it will only grow bigger, causing further troubles.


If your boiler is showing any of the above mentioned signs; it definitely needs a proper Boiler Repairs London service. You must call in an expert to check it and fix the issue that is causing the smell, sounds or is causing the boiler to not heat water accurately.

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