What Must You Know To Pass A Marijuana Drug Test?

Smoking marijuana from a friend at a party becomes more difficult if you work for or hope to work for a company that requires employees to submit to random drug tests. Pot can persist in your system for months, and smoking could be the difference between keeping your job or losing it to certain people. Understanding how drug tests function is helpful before being put in an uncomfortable scenario when your job could be at stake (just in case, how to get around them). 

The projection is that a considerable percentage of employers will eliminate drug tests or pre-employment screenings to recruit more employees.  

Still, cannabis testing in the workplace isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. No wonder so many individuals are still looking for more information to help beat marijuana drug tests. Below are some of the top things to know.   

Know The Kind Of Tests Your Employer Will Use 

Urine analysis is still by far the most prevalent type of drug test. Employees may submit a urine sample to a 3rd-party lab for testing under the supervision of lab personnel, or this test may be completed in privacy at work (you get a test strip and are instructed to use the restroom). Although less prevalent, some businesses use hair, blood, and saliva tests to detect drug usage in your system. 

What Drugs Are Tested 

A drug test can pick up THC, CBD, oils, tinctures, and edibles. This means even a high-quality product like the grease monkey strain review can return positive. Additionally, Cocaine, amphetamines, opiates, phencyclidine (PCP), MDMA, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, and propoxyphene are the other tested drugs. 

Learn The Duration of Marijuana in Your System 

As you presumably already know, the effects of marijuana vary from person to person. The primary considerations are when you last drank, how frequently, potency, body fat, weight, and metabolism. Marijuana can remain in your blood and urine for up to 90 days following consumption if you are a habitual user.   

Most healthy persons can usually get clean in 30 to 45 days. Even if you only had one joint with a buddy over the weekend, it can take as little as two days for marijuana to leave your system; on average, it can take up to ten days. Most other medications can remain in your system for several days to a month in extreme circumstances. To detect THC and other chemicals in your body’s hair, most labs use a 1.5-inch sample of head hair that can go back about 90 days, although further tests can go back as far as two years.  

Discover Your Options for Passing a Drug Test

There is a great deal of disinformation concerning the following possibilities for passing a test. The majority of them are either highly harmful, detectable by testing labs, or ineffective. 

Home remedies such as niacin, bleach, Certo, vinegar, Goldenseal, and cranberry juice are ineffective and dangerous.  

  • Synthetic Urine – Using synthetic urine in your test is dangerous. 
  • Dilution – Watering down your sample with something else: Detectable 
  • Substitution – Using someone else’s pee instead of your own: Dangerous and detectable. 

Learn How to Cleanse Your System for a Drug Test 

Passing a drug test is a simple matter of clearing your body of any traces of drugs before the test.  

Naturally Detox 

If you stop using marijuana, drink plenty of water, change your diet, and get plenty of exercise 30-45 days before a drug test, you should be able to rid your body of any traces of the drug. Your body’s natural detoxification mechanism will naturally cleanse your blood and urine over time. THC dissolves in fat, so small amounts of it are stored in your fat cells and can remain for some time, depending on what we discussed above. If you want to cleanse naturally, a healthy diet and exercise are essential.  

Use a Detoxification Program to Cleanse

If you already have at least seven days before your test, a detox program will help you eliminate THC from your system for around a week by speeding up the body’s natural cleansing process. These programs also include home testing kits for confirmation of cleanliness.  

Cleansing on The Same Day 

Certain detoxification beverages are known to purge your system the same day you consume them, leaving you clean for four to six hours.  

Do Not Use Drugs 

That also applies to the rest of you. The best technique to pass a drug test is simple, inexpensive, and straightforward: avoid using drugs in the weeks preceding the test. And there is a significant probability you may eventually be required to submit to a drug test. According to the American Management Association (AMA) research in 1996, about 90% of organizations believe drug screening of employees is necessary. Statistics polled from American companies show that employers lose an estimated $81 billion a year in productivity due to illicit drugs by about three out of every four current illegal users.   


To avoid failing a drug test for marijuana, the best thing is to stop using marijuana. You’ll have to take a few weeks off before your upcoming screening. It is possible to have weed in your system for days or even months after stopping using it. In addition to the type of drug test you use, other factors also factor the detection window.  

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