Why telemedicine is so helpful? My story

A few weeks ago, my son got very sick and we took him to the emergency room at Novomed hospital, where the doctors assisted him and gave him the needed treatment. But the doctor told me that my son needs to follow up with the pediatrician in order to keep his treatment on track. I went to see the pediatrician in November and she told me that she need to check on my son once every 2 weeks for the upcoming months until my son feels better.

I didn’t want to say anything to the doctor, but my husband will be traveling in a few days, and I don’t know how to drive I was worried about taking my son every time to the office in a taxi. So I got back to my son at the emergency room and waited for my husband to come to the hospital. When he arrived, I told him about our son’s case, and that he needs follow-ups with the doctor every 2 weeks. He got worried also about how I am going to manage things while he is outside the country.

We thought all night about a solution, but we couldn’t find a suitable solution, except that he postpones his travel. But what if my son’s case needs a lot of time, what he is going to do.

While thinking, a young nurse came to check on my son, and she noticed that we were worried, she ensured us that my kid is feeling better and that with follow-ups he will be ok. My husband asked her if our son’s follow-ups need to be done at the hospital, or if the doctor can visit us at home. She asked if it will be hard for us to come to the hospital, so my husband explained the situation to her, and she told us not to worry.

She took her phone, went to the Novomed website, showed us how to book an online consultation with any doctor we want, and we can have this telemedicine consultation anywhere and anytime. It sounds like the greatest idea ever. She told us that telemedicine is now the new way to keep patients in contact with their doctors. So my husband traveled a few days after we took our son to the house, and I booked my 2 last online consultations with the pediatrician, and things are going very well, and my son is feeling much better.


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