Why It Is Necessary For Products To Be Kept with Desiccant        

Desiccant is a substance that is used to bring out moisture from the surroundings. To keep the environment dry, Desiccants are used. Several products get damaged or corrupted due to regular use, wear and tear. Hence Desiccants are used to trap the moisture from the things and save them from further damage. Many things get spoiled due to humid climates. The high water concentration in the air does nothing but damage the products like clothes, food, medicine, electronic items etc. With the help of desiccant, one can save their life and money. There are multiple reasons why desiccants are needed in day-to-day life, whether for personal or industrial use.

Desiccant manufacturers seem to have high profitability as the demand is never going to end soon. The need to preserve products or save them to work the want of the different desiccants efficiently won’t stop.

What are the different types of Desiccants available in the market?

There are various types of Desiccant available in the market. Desiccant manufacturers instill different chemical products into making desiccants. Those desiccants are readily available for personal purposes as well as industrial purposes. The number of desiccants is discussed below:

Clay Desiccants

Clay desiccants are not toxic nor corrosive. They are approved by the FDA, which gives the valued industries a nod to using it as a perfect remedy for shipping, storing food, making it the ideal solution for shipping and storing food, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, metals, electronics etc. These clay desiccants can be used at home too for various eroding substances. If one wants to reactivate the clay to provide a much stronger absorbing quality, one can bake it. Clay desiccants remain the most effective and cheapest remedies ever.

Silica Gel Desiccants

Silica gel is one of the most commonly used desiccants. It is said to be another super-fast drying agent. Silica gel acts quite effectively in removing moisture from the environment. Unlike Clay desiccant, silica gel is not natural but made of synthetic material, a porous form of silicon dioxide. Usually, It is found in the form of beads and is available in the market relatively quickly. It can be reactivated by baking in the oven while its absorbent capacity of water remains 40%.

Although manufactured through a synthetic process involving chemicals, it is still not toxic. One will not die if one accidentally inhales it or tastes but need to see a doctor soon to avoid after effects. FDA also approves these desiccants, and individuals and industries use them in abundance. One will find silica applicable in industries like automotive, apparel, electronics, pharmaceutical etc. They are primarily used in households to keep clothes and shoes from catching moisture.

Container Dri® Desiccants

Container Dri® desiccants are highly recommended for industries and large-scale operative locations like shipping containers, trailers and rail cars etc. These desiccants help in absorbing moisture within the environment. If one would know, there is a term called “container rain,” which means due to the over-exposure of the humidity inside a closed area, the water in the moisture starts dripping like rain. This process leads to the products or machines going wet and getting eroded quickly. In this scenario, the big industries and other large-scale operative locations get affected both physically and financially.

Container Dri® desiccants are made up of calcium chloride and indeed have a high capacity of absorption. These desiccants can absorb 150% water. Industries like automotive, wood, machinery, food, metals etc., get saved by this desiccant. It is available in the market in adhesive strips, hangable bags and individual packets. Desiccant manufacturer get a lot of profit from this business.


Lastly, the use of Desiccants is essential in the industries of all sectors. It is pretty unusual, but a specific little substance that can stop the erosion of such big machines and operatives is quite unbelievable. Be it the white silica gel beads, or the clay desiccants or the Container Dri® desiccants, these all are life-saving factors for so many machines, medicines, food, containers, rail and locomotive products to electrical appliances and products.

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