Genuine Collars Are Better Than Synthetic Collars

Genuine Collars brand:

The Genuine Collars brand is dedicated to delivering high-quality, durable dog collars which use non-toxic, safe, and effective ingredients to maintain your dog’s safety. Our collars meet UK & European Union safety standards for dogs and are tested for strength, durability, and long-lasting wear. All genuine collars in our range come with a warranty of up to 12 months and can be re-soled if they are broken or damaged. Genuine Collars offer a complete service and are highly recommended.

We Love Pets:

We all love our pets and so do they and we want them to look good and feel good too. That is why many pet stores stock up on collars when they first arrive in the market and we all know how quickly these items disappear from display shelves. The Genuine Collars range offers both leather and stainless steel collars in a variety of attractive designs, colors, and finishes. These collars look good and feel good and they will ensure your dog has a safe, comfortable, and secure environment around them at all times.

Collars Of Dogs:

These collars look great but they also feel good too. They have been through rigorous testing to ensure that they are safe for your dog and that they are durable enough to last for a long time. Whether your dog is small or large, all Genuine Collars have a smooth, shiny finish and are patted with a cushion to prevent rubbing against each other and irritating your dogs’ skin.

Whether you have a labrador, poodle, dachshund, cocker spaniel, Golden Retriever, Border Collie, or any other breed, you will find that genuine posted collars come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Whether your dog is short or long, there is a collar to suit them. It’s no wonder that these collars have a long history in the UK and Europe!

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Genuine Collars:

Genuine Collars have a shiny finish with leather collar accents and support embedded videos. You will be able to choose from different collar designs including the slip collar, which is used for protection as well as style. There is the adjustable leather collar which offers the perfect fit for taller or smaller dogs and there is also the leather safety choke collar which is great for training.

Genuine Leather:

These collars can be made using leather and various other materials including plastic, nylon, and metal. The genuine leather collars have a polished finish, which is attractive to the eye. If the design includes a buckle or clip, then this is a good indicator that the collar is genuine and may have been machine washable if you had it for washing. If the post has beads, screws, and pins, then the collar may not be genuine because many imitation products have these parts.

Adjustable collars:

The adjustable collars offer an adjustable fitting, which enables you to tighten or loosen the brace to control your dog’s head size. These collars are usually made of nylon with steel posts and some may even include a nylon security lock which is useful for identification purposes. A leather dog collar is not adjustable; however, the adjustable collars are the best option if your pet gets bigger.

Choke collar:

The choke collar is an old style of the collar but is still used by some dog owners today. Although it may not be the ideal option, it does offer a humane option to spanking your dog without causing pain. It does have the advantage of being a bit more uncomfortable than the traditional hard-line style. It may not look as good as the genuine article but it will still help protect your dog. The choke collar should never be used on a puppy as puppies develop a dislike to it.

Collar chains:

Collar chains are often used to secure a dog to a post while out on a walk. They are often used on younger dogs because they look good and are comfortable. However, they are not adjustable so it is important to buy one that fits your dog properly. If you have a large breed dog, this style of the collar may not fit enough and may cause choking or damage. Collar chains are good when used with a harness but never use a chain without a leash.

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