Why Do You Need Sun Protection Creams In Summers?

Summer is all about shielding our skin from harmful sun rays, and sunscreen is your holy grail. Sunscreen is a quintessential beauty product that should be a part of every person’s skincare regime. Undoubtedly, one must soak up all the goodness of Vitamin D, but only in moderation, by taking the necessary precautions to keep skin problems at bay. While we tend to reapply sun protection cream when going out or to the beach, it’s crucial to do so even at home. Sunscreen should be reapplied every 2-3 hours as a general rule.

Why Must One Protect Themselves From The Sun?

You must use sun protection creams religiously throughout the year. UV rays are hazardous, and up to 80% of them can pass through one’s skin on a cold or cloudy day. While UVB rays can cause skin damage, UVA rays can speed up visible signs of ageing. This eventually results in many long-term consequences such as age spots, wrinkles, sagging skin, and even skin cancer. Here are the top reasons why using a sun protection cream during summers is a must:

  1. It protects your skin from UV rays: Given the depletion of the ozone barrier, our risk of sun damage from dangerous UV rays has grown. Sunscreen cogently blocks these photons, reducing the risk of sunburn substantially. Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Sports Super-Stay Sunblock SPF 70 PA +++ is a one-stop solution as it is beautifully formulated in a preservation-free and non-toxin manner. 
  2. It prevents premature skin ageing: UV rays cause skin photoaging, characterised by a thick, leathery appearance, discolouration, and collagen breakdown, which contributes to lines, sagging, and wrinkles. According to studies, those under the age of 55 who use sunscreen regularly have a 24% lower chance of developing these signs of ageing than those who do not. Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Vitamin-C MatteGEL Daily Sunscreen SPF 50 is an excellent cruelty-free alternative. It contains orange extracts and Kakadu plum that are high in anti-oxidants. It is highly effective in treating sunburns, pigmentation, and dark spots caused by UV rays. 
  3. Reduced cancer risk: Sunscreen, fortunately, is quite effective in lowering the chance of developing skin cancers, particularly melanoma. Using sunscreen lotion SPF 50 is advisable for better coverage and protection. 
  4. Enhances overall skin health: When sunscreen is applied, essential proteins in the skin, such as keratin, are protected. These proteins are primarily in charge of keeping the skin smooth and healthy in appearance and function. 


To reap the long-term benefits of youthful, radiant skin, you must include sun protection cream in your daily skincare routine. In a nutshell, sunscreen is your best friend, and you must use it daily to avoid further life-threatening skin issues.

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