Why clear work instructions can make a difference

As a starting company in production, you bring an innovative product to the market. But have you ever asked yourself how you can easily explain to others how the product is manufactured? What about unskilled workers? How do foreign-language workers deal with them and how do they get to work efficiently?

In other words, how do you ensure that your employees understand exactly how your products are put together? Your work instructions must be understandable. Bad instructions are disastrous for your company. In this article, we discuss the importance of work instructions.

The importance of good work instructions.

Clear and good work instructions are the foundation of your company. It ensures that your employees can perform their work optimally. This not only saves you time as an employer but also ensures a better atmosphere and work environment.

You probably know the manuals from Ikea, always clearly explained. Without those instructions, you probably would never have put together your new cabinet so easily. The same goes for drafting your work instructions, there are a number of things you need to take into account.

  1. No ambiguity.

It is important that you are consistent when making your work instructions. So, for example, use the same way of structure in your work instructions. This ensures clarity for the reader because they will eventually recognize the thread and pick it up quickly. The chance is, therefore, greater that they actually apply the instructions in practice.

  1. The importance of categories.

Nobody likes to read super long lists full of work instructions. So, categorize! Provide each instruction with a clear title, so that it is clear what the work instruction is about and the main message becomes clear. This makes the reader want to keep reading.

  1. The language level of your work instructions.

You obviously want your readers to understand what the work instructions mean. Is it clear what it says? Does everyone understand it? Good work instructions are actually available in multiple languages to ensure the safety of every employee. The more understandable the work instructions are, the better for the company.

  1. Maintain an overview.

Work instruction should primarily be easy to use and approachable. Start by drafting the sentence, then determine the point of aim. Then place the target at the beginning of the work instruction. Further, divide the work instruction into main headings and subheadings. This will help you maintain a clear overview of your text.

Other important checks.

The importance of images and videos.

Pictures sometimes say much more than words. This is also the case with work instructions. Pictures and videos with clear work instructions ensure that your employees quickly understand what they need to do. Therefore, also choose visuals for your work instructions.

Symbols with your work instructions. 

Symbols are often seen on the production floor. They often have a signaling effect so that you know whether you need to protect yourself or pay specific attention to something. That is why it is smart to also use symbols in your work instructions. In this way, your employees get a direct view of what they need and of the risks involved.

The human is one of the most flexible machines for an employer. Good work instructions are therefore important. SwipeGguide creates, shares, and tracks digital work instructions that significantly reduce errors and downtime.

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