Which is the best floating PV system in the market?

The products powered by solar energy are becoming increasingly mainstream and today we have a wide array of solar based products in the market from various manufacturers. These solar powered products are used in a wide range of applications in different industries. With the evolution of tech, the solar products are becoming more productive by delivering better results and thus have emerged as a practical alternative to the traditional energy based products.

The solar based floating PV plants, also called floating solar photovoltaic, are one of the latest and emerging types of PV systems which float on surface of the drinking water reservoirs, remediation or irrigation canals, quarry lakes and the tailing ponds. The solar floating PV system mainly consists of the floating system, mooring system, PV system, and the underwater cable. The floating and the land-based PV systems tend to have the similar layout with the exception that inverters and PV arrays are often mounted on floating platform.

Mibet energy is a top manufacturer of efficient floating PV systems

Mibet energy specializes in the research, development, manufacturing, selling, and providing post sales service to customer for solar energy products. The company is committed to providing the customers with a high class solar mounting system such as solar floating system solution and solar PV system with a modular design which is easy to install. Two of the company’s premium offerings when it comes to solar floating system are MRac floating PV system G4N and MRac solar floating system G4S. We will have a brief look at both of these products.

MRac floating PV system G4N: This product is integrated in the solar PV power plant installation  on water. It incorporates the HDPE material and this product has passed numerous tests of water absorption, anti aging, and anti UV. This product can also withstand pulling force which is higher than some of the other products.

This floating system from https://www.mbt-energy.com/ has a modular design which provides the essential convenience of splice installation. Since it is made using high density polyethylene it ensures the long service lifespan. It comes with the multi array design which makes it easier to combine. This model is compatible with several solar modules which helps in saving the cost. This product comes equipped with robust weather ability and its mechanism facilitates easy operation as well as maintenance.

MRac solar floating system G4S: The MRac floating PV Mounting system G4S manufactured by Mibet energy has numerous applications and it is most commonly applied in solar power plant installation. It uses HDPE material and this product has passed several tests including Anti-aging, Anti-UV, and Hunt water absorption tests. This product adopts the new module design for the floater as well as main floater and it helps in the realization of double row array within symmetrical facing and the same facing. This assists in increasing the efficiency of the solar power generation plus installation capacity.

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