Where to Watch PBA Live Streams Online

The Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) is the country’s most prestigious basketball league. In addition, it is Asia’s oldest professional basketball league. Some may be wondering where you can watch the PBA live from the comfort and security of your own home. Despite the development of other leagues like the Maharlika Pilipinas Basketball League (MPBL), the PBA remains the country’s premier source of basketball entertainment. The league has been established for more than 45 years and shows no signs of slowing down. There is a high demand for free PBA live streaming and online broadcasts because most people are at home.

Moreover, many Filipinos like watching PBA, particularly those who support older teams like Talk n’ Text and Barangay Ginebra. The Araneta Coliseum had significantly more crowded during the PBA basketball championship finals. For individuals who had unable to get tickets and attend the games at the coliseum. Furthermore, all Philippine TV networks carry game news updates in the sports segment of their news broadcasts. These are the several local TV networks that will broadcast the match for hours of airtime. 


PBA may have followed on ABS CBN’s sister station S&A’s special sports show “The Score” (Sports and Action). However, this technique is only beneficial to Filipinos. As a result, individuals are carefully exploring other ways to watch PBA Basketball online, particularly when going overseas. 

Here are five different methods to watch PBA basketball online.

 1. Check the sports news.

Many Philippine media websites offer an entire section on PBA news reporting, specifically, the team’s journey to the finals of every cup, title, and league. By reading this page, you will be able to find all the vital scores that will lead to the teams making the finals. As long as your phone or gadget has a constant internet connection, you may stay up to date with PBA basketball news by visiting the following websites:

For highlights from replays on Youtube channel: Tv5 sports

2. PBA live streaming

If you had unable to attend the event in person, live streaming is the standard. It applies to anything from concerts to television shows to video games. It is simple since all you need is a gadget that can stream video over the internet. You can watch the increasing action and cheer on your favorite PBA teams as they play fast. Watch the PBA live on any of the following websites:



3. Make use of exclusive PBA live streaming.

Exclusive PBA live-streaming applications cater to fans’ specific PBA interests. Keeping track of team scores, timely news updates, and all the increasing activity of the players on the court is very important. There are so effective that you may use them to watch the PBA live and obtain the results on the same day! I recommend the following two PBA live streaming apps:


This app is available for download from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. It is an app that allows fans to interact and receive play-by-play news updates. If you have an Internet connection on your phone, they will also receive updates whenever and wherever you want. Simply go to the PinoyHoops app after installing it. Then, select the “Watch Live Stream” tab. The app gives out notifications for any upcoming basketball games.


It is a smartphone app given to you exclusively by Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) and the Philippine Basketball Association’s (PBA) official television partner, SPORTS5. It gives you access to live scores, statistics, game notifications, and the current condition of the game. Also available are news updates from favorite PBA personalities at the press of a button.


4. Listen to PBA games on the radio in live time.

Listen to online radio to receive your daily updates on rising PBA basketball activity. Even if you don’t have a TV or any device that enables visual PBA to live stream, you may listen to the radio for auditory PBA live streaming. You may still get PBA live streaming through PBA’s exclusive radio stations if you have a mainstream radio or a mobile phone with a radio. These radio stations will provide you with live PBA coverage. Scores, news updates, and results from tonight’s games. The remainder of the league is in the teams competing for a spot in the finals. Just listen to Radyo5 92.3 News FM.


5. Follow PBA news updates through Twitter.

Even if you can’t see the actual sequence of events on the basketball court, you may listen to radio streaming. Play-by-play allows you to keep track of the games. Admin posted during the game on the PBA official Twitter account (www.twitter.com/pbaconnect). Lastly, aside from news updates, the PBA also tweets team standings, quarter-by-quarter scores, and player scores.

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