What You Should Know About Au Vodka

When it comes to premium vodka, Au vodka is undoubtedly among the best. It conveys sophistication and glamour, with a dash of luxury, and has a low fraud rate, with less than 1% of orders resulting in a chargeback. The company is proud to have reduced its fraud rate by 97%, thanks to the security measures it has put in place. Moreover, it is made with grain grown in the heart of the English countryside.

Au Vodka is an ultra-premium vodka

The ultra-premium Vodka brand Au Vodka is owned by the popular TV personality Charlie Sloth. This luxury vodka comes in a gold bottle with a light-up case and a gold money gun. Its packaging is also very impressive and features a variety of interesting colours and flavour profiles. To celebrate the launch of this new product, you can read about its production process and try some of the vodkas.

The co-founders of Au Vodka met while working as ball boys in Swansea. Their saga began when Charlie was kicked by Chelsea’s Eden Hazard. The Chelsea footballer received a red card. The co-founders then teamed up to launch Au Vodka, a five-times distilled vodka that has catapulted the Swansea duo to the top of the business world. Currently using the Shopify back office features as well as their own proprietary solutions as its primary tech stack, Au Vodka is able to deliver an incredibly high level of service.

It has seen a 97% decrease in fraudulent orders

In order to control its fraud rates, Au Vodka turned to Signifyd. Signifyd provides essential protection against chargebacks and fraud while giving the brand an additional boost through higher conversion rates and revenue retention. The company has seen a 97% decrease in fraudulent orders. Its success can be attributed to the increased conversion rate and revenue retention of Au Vodka’s online store.

It is made with the finest grain grown in the heart of the English countryside

Au Vodka is a premium, five-time-distilled vodka produced in the heart of the English countryside. Its name is derived from the periodic table symbol for gold, and the grain used in the distillation process is grown right on the estate. This English heritage vodka is filtered through gold and charcoal and has a subtle citrus taste. The packaging and label are made from pewter, and the brand’s website features information about the product.

For a more refined drink, try Au Black Grape Flavoured Vodka. The spirit is infused with the finest black grapes, and has already found its way into the hands of British rap stars. Its smooth grain and fruit pastille flavours are sure to impress, and it’s the perfect mixer in martinis and other cocktails. For a refreshing cocktail, try pairing the gold bottle with cloudy lemonade and champagne.

It is inspired by gold

Inspiring and memorable, Au Vodka is a blend of British heritage and luxury ingredients. Beginning with the finest grain grown in the English countryside, the vodka is blended with pure spring water and filtered through gold. Its slim bottles, golden colour, and innovative vodka production process make it an unmistakable brand. But, there are some things you should know before trying Au Vodka. We have included these tips to make it unforgettable.

The brand is so named after a famous incident that took place on January 23, 2013. Eden Hazard kicked Morgan while attempting to retrieve the ball. The incident led to a red card for both players, but the spirited drink was ultimately a triumph. Since then, AU Vodka has become a household name, and millions of bottles are sold each year. Its rich backers include Charlie Sloth, a millionaire who owns the Morgans Hotel in Swansea, and Martin Morgan, a director of Swansea City FC, both of whom have made huge fortunes.

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