What should you know about deep draw stamping?

Metal stamping is one of the most widely used procedures that is used for producing precision metal parts that are used in a wide range of industries. The metal stamping has now become an essential process in modern industries for manufacturing of components and parts in various applications. The metal stamping is a complex process that involves several metal forming techniques such as punching, blanking, piercing, and bending amongst others. The stamping process is done by placing the flat sheet metal in blank or coil form into the stamping press and then the die surface as well as the tool produce the metal in the desired shape.

The metal stamping process has evolved over the years and today it has become much improved due to advancements in technology. The metal stamping process these days involves CNC, computer numerical control, where the design is created as well as tested on computer and then it is fed in the CNC metal stamping machine.

There are several manufacturers who provide excellent metal stamping products and services to the clients. Before you go ahead and proceed with your order, it is vital to look at the products or services of different manufacturers and compare their features. You can also have a look at the client feedback and customer reviews for a more comprehensive understanding of their quality so that you can make an informed decision.

Tenral is a trusted name in the industry for metal stamping products

Tenral is one of the most reliable stamping parts manufacturer with an efficient track of high quality products as well as services in the industry. The company was established in 2005 and it has now evolved into well-functioning unit with highly skilled works and sophisticated equipments for best results.

The technologies, wide array of manufacturing presses Рincluding sheet metal fabrication, and the valuable experience working with the diverse materials has enabled to manufacture custom and high precision metal stampings that are used in the medical devices, automotive, and the electronic industries.

Some of the major services provided by Tenral includes mold manufacturing, stamping, machining, cutting, bending, deep drawing, welding, and spinning. The major types of finishing provided by the company includes powder coating, plating, polishing, anodizing, deburring, vibration polishing, laser etching, and cleaning.

The deep draw stamping process provided by Tenral

The progressive die stamping, deep draw stamping, and precision metal spinning are the major services provided by Tenral. We will have a brief look at the deep draw stamping process provided by Tenral.

Deep draw stamping: The deep draw stamping is a process that is used for the forming of sheet metal between the edge-opposing punch and the die for producing a cone, cup, shell-shaped part or a box. The metal products from Tenral come with rich expertise and advanced deep drawing for exceeding the metal production requirements of the clients.

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