What makes mountain biking so addictive?

Ask any of my friends what they are obsessed with, and they will tell you mountain biking is it!

Mountain bikers all over the globe are sharing their passion with friends, family, or anyone who will listen, and the sport is growing in popularity.

So, why is mountain biking so addicting?

There are many reasons that are generally agreed upon and supported by science in many instances.

  • It is scientifically proven that exercise can make you feel happier.
  • The adrenaline produced by exposure to dangerous situations stimulates the body’s reward system. This activates the brain’s reward system and floods it with dopamine, which is euphoric when the danger is overcome.
  • The fastest way to feel alive is with adrenaline
  • Nature connection and immediate experience
  • The release of dopamine is linked to both the satisfaction with achieving goals and the ability to overcome fears.
  • Build meaningful friendships around shared interests and challenges.
  • The state of being completely present at the moment is also known as “flow” or quieting the mind.
  • Stress reduction is immediate and measurable with the best mountain bikes

Why is it that mountain bikers continue to try to get everyone riding?

I can’t count the number of people that I have urged to go mountain biking. Friends, family, acquaintances – they’re all welcome! Why is it so common for riders to try to drag unsuspecting non-bikers into their world of shinflaying pedals, muddy teeth, and shin flaying?

All of it comes down to mountain biking’s addictive nature.

I know from experience how positive riding trails have made a difference in my life. The immediate destressing effects it has had on me have been amazing. It is how energizing and empowering feeling to be able to get better, faster, and more confident than a mountain biker.

It’s easy to want others to join in the fun and find a new level of fitness and exhilaration.

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Is it a good thing to have an addiction to mountain biking?

  • Mountain bikers enjoy a great workout.
  • Regular exercise is important. It’s fun to ride a bike and the enjoyment increases with fitness.
  • Mountain biking allows you to get out in the wild and experience the beauty of nature.
  • Encourages children to live an active, outdoor lifestyle and helps them become more fit.
  • You can find rewards for pushing beyond your fears and self-imposed limitations.
  • Mountain biking is something I can talk about for hours.




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