What are the trending hair color for men in 2021

Looking for the perfect hair color? Well, there’s a lot to be considered. From your personality to the right undertones, your hairdo must suit you in all respects.

Thus, choosing the right color for your hair requires some research and effort. But, don’t worry, as we’ll help you make the right decision by providing a list of best hair color for men.

1. Color Melt

Color melting is basically an updated version of ombre and is officially a hair color trend. Here, your highlights are blended with the base color to create a melted effect. It looks best when paired with a bit of wavy hair.

2. Cool Copper

This natural hair color for men is the best option if you’re looking for a complete global look. It is a subtle hair color for men that can even go well with highlights. It will best suit men with fair skin tone and green eyes.

3. Sunset Blonde

If you want to go for a colorful shade of blonde, then try this look. Sunset blonde is among the men’s hair color trends 2021 that goes well with peach and pink undertones. Here, you can style your hair in Mohawk with shaved sides. But, be careful while choosing this hair color as it can damage your hair.

4. Two-toned shades

If you have straight medium or thin hair, then you can try this two-toned shade of blonde and brown. You can either color your hair by parting it into two or color it in layers, with each color occupying its layer. Style your hair in a spiked manner and get a piercing to get the ultimate cool look.

5. Deep Red

Short cropped hair that is left long on the top and shaved on the sides looks best with deep red color. It is among the best hair color for men in India as it goes well with medium to fair complexions. However, men with darker skin tones can also go for this look by making the red tone a bit deeper.

6. The Timeless Browns

Men with medium warm complexion should definitely go for this look. You can go for timeless browns if you have medium to thick hair, as this color will make your thinning hair appear more finer. It is a great hair color that is low maintenance and gives a cool, modern look.

By giving your tresses a lovely shade, you can avoid the stress of getting a perfect haircut for boys. First, you need to choose a hair color that will enhance your style and blend perfectly with your skin tone.

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