What are the top 3 forex brokers South Africa?

If you are looking to trade in the forex market of South Africa, then you came to the right place. We all know that the forex industry is developing within this region. However, it is easy to find international forex brokers in South Africa. But they are only a few forex traders that will offer you a ZAR trading account. 

Don’t worry, as we will help to find the top 3 forex brokers in South Africa that you give the best trading conditions. 

So let’s move to the first one.

FXCM – Best South African Forex Broker

FXCM leads among the top forex brokers in South Africa. In addition, it offers your ZAR currency-based trading account and will provide you with 40 different currency pairs such as GBP/ZAR, etc. Also, you can start trading on FXCM with only 1.3 pips equal to pips offered by non-ZAR brokers. Some of the amenities given by FXCM are:

  • FXCM will provide you with the max. Leverage of 400:1 during forex trading.
  • You have to pay zero deposit or withdrawal fees on FXCM.
  • There is six trading platform including Ninja and MT4 on FXCM.
  • FXCM has an excellent support team staff that will aid you 24/5.
  • FXCM has a reputable place to do forex trading and is free from scams or online threats.

The only disadvantage of this forex broker is that you pay 750 ZAR once you have inactivated your account for a year. Otherwise, it is the best place to do forex marketing.

Plus500 – Forex Broker with High Leverage

If you are looking for a forex broker in South Africa with a low spread that Plus500 is your go-to place. In addition, this forex platform also offers high leverage and a wide range of trading currencies to its clients. Also, its among cost-effective forex network. Some of the benefits given by Plus500 are:

  • Plus500 will provide you with a ZAR account, and you can trade in 70 different forex pairs.
  • You buy or sell EUR/USD pair at only one pip at Plus500.
  • This South African forex broker will offer you the max. Leverage of 300:1.
  • You have to pay no deposit or withdrawal fee, and Plus500 is accessible 24/7.
  • Plus500 offers you customized trading with advanced technical tips. 

The only disadvantage of Plus500 is that they won’t offer you forex signal trading. Otherwise, it is the most economical forex broker available in South Africa.

Markets.com – Forex Broker with low spread

If you are looking for a multi-faceted forex broker, then you have found your place. In addition, Markets.com has the lowest spread for you and provides a ZAR account to its customers. Some of the advantages of using Markets.com are:

  • Markets.com will only have 0.4 pip from you if you are buying the Euro/USD pair.
  • Markets.com will have MT4 and MT5 trading platforms for you.
  • You have to pay a very low deposit or withdrawal fee at Markets.com
  • Markets.com is a safe place to do forex trading with 24/5 support available.

The only disadvantage is that you have an inactivation fee after three months. Otherwise, it’s the best forex broker with the lowest spread.

The Bottom Line

We have discussed the top 3 forex brokers in South Africa with you. So use these platforms wisely and become better at forex marketing.

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