What Are the Safest Football Bets?

Without a doubt, soccer (or football) is the most known sport on the planet. It has supporters in every country, sometimes outnumbering national sports. And a huge number of people gamble on it, whether professionally or (for the most part) recreationally.

If you’re new to live soi keo cambongda, you might be thinking whichever bets are the simplest to win. Although these bets frequently have low odds, which means you won’t win a lot of money, there’s a good chance they’ll be correct. As a result, we’ll use this post to examine some of the simplest football wagers available.

Over/Under Bets

Almost all bookmakers offer an over/under goals market on every live football event. The idea of your wager is whether there should be more or fewer than X goals scored in a certain match. You may wonder why this is so simple.

The over/under market, on the other hand, offers tiered alternatives, allowing you to simply adjust your wager and your odds of victory.

A wager on Over 0.5 goals, for example, requires at least one goal to be scored during the length of a 90-minute football match in order to win. And since this is not really an impossible task for many teams, the odds for this bet might be extremely low.

Both Teams to Score

The “both teams to score” or BTTS bet is the final bet we’d like to discuss in our list of the easiest bets. You choose a game and then decide whether or not either side will score by selecting “yes” or “no.” The “yes” answer is when a simple bet comes into the equation.

In this football betting format, you simply select a game in which you feel both teams will score. The timing of the goals, their order, and the final result are all meaningless. You win your wager if the home/away sides score. You lose if neither team nor both teams score.

Double Chance Bets

Almost every bookmaker offers the double chance wager. It’s a bet that’s similar to a match result bet, however instead of guessing the result of the game, such as win, loss, or draw, you can cover two events.

A football game has about a 30% probability of a home team winning, the same is true for a draw, and the same for an away win if you take a basic view of chance. You can increase your chances of winning to 60% when using the double chance.

Soccer betting online isn’t like a coin toss, and there are other factors that impact the outcome. However, the fact that you may spread your cover across an event is unmistakable.

Draw No Bet

The “Draw No Bet” market is a cross between a traditional match outcome wager and a double chance bet. As a punter, your job is to determine the winner of any particular contest. If the match ends in a draw, you will lose your money in a “match result” wager.

That’s not really the situation with a draw no bet, but neither is it the situation with a double chance bet. Your stake is instead repaid in full as cash. You either win or lose your bet, or your bet is voided.

The chances are computed based on the likelihood of your forecast, with a respect to the lower risk you face.

First Half Over/Under Goals

This market works in the same way as the previous over/under goals bet. The main difference is that you’re now only betting on the very first half. When compared to the whole 90 minutes, the probabilities of an under-X number of goals during the first half are significantly more likely to come in. As a result, your chances will improve.

For instance, if you think a team will come out roaring and forecast over X goals during the first half, you’ll get higher odds than if you bet the same amount over 90 minutes.

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