What are the Major Categories of Ground Handling Services?

In the aviation industry, all the services provided to passengers’ aircraft before or after a flight are called ground handling services. Furthermore, all the procedures are necessary for a flight to take off from one airport and land at another. Therefore, they are part of the vast field of ground handling services.

Major Categories of Ground Handling Services

What are the Major Categories of Ground Handling Services?

As discussed, ground handling is considered a vast field with immense dimensions. But there are some of the most essential and significant categories without which ground handling services cannot function smoothly. Here you need our help!

Buying Tickets

One of the most essential and foremost processes is purchasing a ticket for your international or domestic flight. A ticket is considered identification or authorization that you can onboard a flight at any particular airport.
In addition, the ticket possesses all the necessary information about the passenger and the aircraft—for example, seat number, platform number, aircraft code etc. Most passengers purchase or schedule their flights well before time. But there is also a facility on many terminals to buy tickets right before the flight. But here we arrange tickets for you without effort.

Reporting for Flight on Time

After the ticket purchase process, we request the passengers to come to the airport earlier than the actual time of the flight. Once passengers enter the airport, all their documents are verified and checked correctly. Next, luggage is appropriately checked and scanned for unnecessary or dangerous items. After that, our crew check luggage weight and size as per the criteria of the aircraft. In the final process, luggage is tagged with barcodes, and the same barcode is on the passenger’s boarding pass.

Hallway Management 

It is a well-known fact that airports are considered the busiest places in the world. Therefore, it isn’t easy to maintain the flow of passengers. Furthermore, multiple flights are being operated simultaneously at the airport. Consequently, it is an essential task for the ground service providers that every passenger is guided towards the nearest hallway. So that all the passengers can board the aircraft comfortably and on time.

Uncertain Operations

All procedures and operations are being followed systematically at most airports worldwide. However, sometimes there are minor or significant glitches in the functions many service providers are present. Our crew take immediate decisions as per the requirement of the situation to facilitate the passengers most professionally. We manage complimentary meals and hotel rooms, transport and other conditions in case of any flight delay due to any reason.

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Boarding on the Airplane

After all, processes are complete, the aircraft directly connect to the gate. Our crew  will announce that flight is ready for boarding of the passengers—all passengers of any particular flight call to walk from a specific entrance. While passengers walk from a designated path, final document verification and hand luggage will recharge, and passengers will enter the aircraft accordingly.

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