What are Some Major Factors to Know About Binance Futures?

Binance Futures is a crypto perpetual futures trading platform launched by the famous Binance exchange. Binance is known to be the largest crypto exchange in the world. However, it has a lot more to offer the users than one might think, such as its futures trading platform.

The futures platform was launched in 2019 and it has been a record-breaking platform so far. This platform is one of the top options for a large audience around the world. It is often chosen by the crypto traders, thanks to the facts such as its capability to offer around 24 different crypto pairs in the futures market.

It focuses on margin trading and has been developed by the experts after careful review of the common mistakes other platforms make. Due to the careful considerations of the professionals, the futures trading platform has been established as a user-friendly platform that does not make the same mistakes but in fact delivers a more optimized performance.

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Here is a brief Binance Futures review that focuses on some of the major factors offered by the exchange.

Binance Futures is a Capable Platform

A platform that caters to the needs and requirements of a large audience can be considered as one that is powerful and capable. Binance Futures is certainly one of such platforms as it is capable of handling 100,000 transactions per second (TPS).

The TPS handled by this platform is a significant factor to look at as not many platforms are so well-developed. However, this is one of the top crypto trading platforms and not only offers 100k TPS but also supports trading of very high volumes.

Due to the careful considerations of the professionals, the futures trading platform has been established as a user-friendly platform that does not make the same mistakes but in fact delivers a more optimized performance. And with more and more ways of getting coins and crypto things are only looking up. Cloud mining services especially have been booming.

Custom-made Mobile Application

One of the features crypto traders often look for in a crypto trading platform is a mobile application. The significance of a mobile application is that it allows the users to trade while on the go and keep a track of their open positions and manage them without needing a desktop.

A wide range of crypto platforms offer mobile applications but not all of them are that efficient and well-developed.

However, in this brief Binance Futures review, you can get to know what the Binance futures mobile app has to offer.

  • It allows users to carry out technical analysis
  • Users can trade while on the go
  • Users can monitor their open positions
  • Available for iOS and Android users
  • Offers impressive charting tools
  • In-built indicators
  • Offers multiple time frames
  • Offers several order types
  • Has a user-friendly interface

Security Offered by the Exchange

Binance Futures is not only a popular trading platform but it is also a secure one. It is understandable that the beginners have numerous aspects to look out for and also keep an eye out for fraudsters and cyber threats of any kind.

However, this trading platform eliminates this problem for the users and helps them in trading without worrying about any kind of complication that can compromise their security.

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This is why this trading platform uses some of the advanced security systems that offer utmost security to the users.

  • Confirmation for any withdrawals made
  • Cold wallet storage
  • Outstanding trading platform
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Insurance used for clients’ funds

Helpful Content Available

This brief Binance Futures review also highlights how helpful this platform is for people who are new to the crypto space. If you are new to crypto trading and futures trading then this platform can be the best option for you.

The reason being, the availability of educational content available for the beginners. There are several guides, training articles, informative blogs and video lessons. All these sources offer essential information a beginner requires to understand how to trade on the Binance Futures trading platform.

There are also some frequently asked questions available on the platform that are also helpful for people who newly join the futures trading platform.

Customer Services

The quality of customer services offered by a platform is another outstanding factor to help you determine the kind of platform Binance Futures is. This trading platform aims to make crypto trading easy for every interested party, which is why it offers impressive customer support.

The customer support team is available to assist the users around the clock. This can help the beginners overcome some obstacles and challenges that they might face.

Final Takeaways!

Binance Futures is a remarkable and popular futures trading platform. If you are interested in stepping into the crypto space then you should know about such platforms. It offers numerous impressive services and features, some of which are mentioned above in detail.

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