Website of Russian oil giant Gazprom Neft was closed due to hacker attacks

Recently, the Gazprom neft website, the oil Department of Gazprom, the Russian national gas company, was forced to close due to hacker attacks, which seems to be the latest hacker attack on government related websites after Russia invaded Ukraine. It is said that there is a statement on the website from Alexey Miller, CEO of Gazprom. The statement seems to be the version after the website was hacked. The statement criticized Russia’s decision to send thousands of soldiers to Ukraine, and then the website was forced to stop operation.

Last month, in the face of foreign sanctions, Miller urged the 500000 employees of Gazprom to support the Kremlin in order to maintain Russia’s status as an important power. However, regarding the website hacking incident, Gazprom said: “the information published on the website on the morning of April 6 is untrue and cannot be regarded as the official statement of the company’s representative or shareholder”. Gazprom neft is the third largest oil producer in Russia. It is a subsidiary of Gazprom and holds 96% of its shares. OAO Gazprom owns 95% of Gazprom neft’s shares, and the remaining shares are listed on the stock exchange.

In addition, it is said that several Ukrainian news websites were also hacked by Russian threat attackers last month, and showed visitors the “Z” symbol. The Ukrainian State special communication and Information Protection Agency confirmed the incident in an online post and blamed the Russian state supported actors.

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