Digital vaccine certificate verification

Verify Vaccination Certificate – Smart Approach of Reviving Travel and Tourism Industry

Everyone is well aware of the dreadful aftermath of the covid pandemic. It has impacted the business’s workflows and is showing disastrous effects. Heaps of frauds and scams associated with covid have been circulating throughout the globe that are more harmful than coronavirus itself. Criminal activists are using technology-based tools to manipulate the vaccine verification systems as well as deliberately creating fake documents to provide fake proof of being immune.

The covid test should be conducted through government-listed laboratories in order to seek legitimacy. Digital vaccine certificate verification is getting the need of the hour as the virus is getting even more injurious while new variants are emerging periodically. The government of various countries has introduced various documents such as digital covid pass, vaccine certificates, and immunity passports so that cross-border services could be reopened.

Covid Certificate Verification

It’s considered as the identity documents that are created as proof that someone is immune to the virus and has injected both doses from the government-verified laboratory of the hospital. Verifying vaccine certificates are becoming mandatory in order to travel across the border or to attend public places.

Reopening international traveling services and reviving tourist destinations is the main goal for all the countries worldwide. To do so, the covid immunity passport is developed that would allow travelers to move freely everywhere they want to. However, the fraudster has figured out various methods and techniques to forge covid vaccine certificates and false-negative reports. No doubt the automated systems like digital covid pass are developed to prevent the criminals’ illicit activities. Employer vaccination tracking and various other secondary solutions are under consideration of the governments while keeping the focus of uplifting customer privacy and security concerns.

Post-Covid Opportunities for Traveling Businesses

Contactless Passenger Experience

Hotels, airlines, and other traveling businesses are facing difficulties and are trying their best to provide seamless services to customers. However, diving into the post-covid era everything has to be contactless. None of the travelers feels safe touching things or machines, mainly to verify themselves. Employing facial recognition systems and various other identity authentication approaches, the tourism businesses, as well as the tourist, can fulfill the covid SOPs obligations.

Remote Onboarding

Nowadays, the hospitality businesses are permitting tourists to book and check in through digital platforms before reaching the hotel. Due to this step, the tourist can communicate with the hotel anytime. Additionally, the management gathers all the necessary identification information of the customer remotely before making bookings. Once the information is provided it could be validated when the customers arrive at the hotel.

Digital Identity Verification

Online hotel bookings or digital airline ticket reservations appear to be helpful to make transactions but unfortunately, they are not always safe. The tourism and hospitality industry invests heaps of resources into their onboarding methods to provide ease to their customers. By utilizing AI and other prominent technologies, such businesses have adopted identity verification systems that allow them to verify the International Certificate of so that bad actors can not manipulate the system by providing a false-negative covid test or forged immunity passports.

Digital COVID Pass- Enhancing Customer Experience

In order to revive tourism and public activities, the traveling and tourism business has to employ accurate and robust solutions. Online Covid pass is intently developed for the tourism sector that is capable of verifying and tracking QR codes as well as the customers’ identities. This also determines that the tourists are not prone to coronavirus and neither are the bad actors.

Nowadays, the customers visiting tourist destinations have to undergo manual processes to verify their covid reports. Which is not reliable and has the bulk of loopholes through which fraudsters can easily exploit the system. But, now the vaccine reports have a QR code on them that is used to authenticate the tourist identity as well as checks reports’ originality. This directly improves the tourists’ experience as they don’t have to wait in queues for hours.

The smart corona pass is embedded with the OCR technology along with artificial intelligence to scan the covid reports and to extract the necessary information like laboratory name, vaccine doses, time duration, etc instantly. 

Final Thoughts 

Wrapping it up, digital vaccine certificate verification is becoming the need of the hour. Governments have made it obligatory for traveling and tourism businesses to deploy smart systems to Verify Vaccination Certificate. Therefore, It’s the only way of reviving cross-border activities.









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