Upcoming Hulu TV Shows on Hulu 2022

Let’s admit it; these past two years have been a little hard on our streaming fans—we’ve run out of shows to watch faster than they can be produced! One of the hardest things about COVID-19, lockdowns, and social distancing protocols has been finding new ways to differentiate between working and resting times.

With more and more people spending most of their times holed up in their homes, it got a little too easy to carry on the working day till the wee hours in the night, leaving little room for breaks. On the flip side, the main form of entertainment has been online streaming.

Cord-cutting to save cable costs and switching to media platforms like Netflix and Hulu quickly became the new norm. The sad part is that we’ve run out of things to watch even with multiple platforms and are eagerly waiting for new series and movies to come out.

If you’re one of us, hold your horses because we’ve got just the list to cheer you up. This blog will discuss four of the most anticipated upcoming TV shows on Hulu in 2022. Let’s get started.

But before we begin, something to note is that a lot of content on Hulu is geo-restricted. If you don’t live in a particular region, you might not be able to access a show we’ve mentioned, even after it has come out. If that is the case for you, simply use a Hulu VPN to unblock them.

Now that we have that out of the way let’s talk about what’s coming up in 2022!

How I met your father

If you’ve already watched and loved ‘How I met your mother’, you’ll especially adore this show. However, it’s not necessary to watch that to enjoy this new show starring the beloved Hilary Duff. Having said that, we certainly admit that watching ‘how I met your mother’ before starting this one will give you a much better idea of the concept.

‘How I met your father’ is all set to come out with its own new and incredibly stunning cast of characters and will follow a similar format. Duff will play the main lead—the mother telling her child the story of how she met their father. Furthermore, contrary to the former show, this one has more of a modern element to it.

We’re looking forward to storylines involving dating apps, websites that connect people, and other forms of technology in a family-friendly space. Feel like this show could totally be your thing? We think so too! If you’ve already seen ‘How I met your mother’, we recommend rewatching the sitcom while you wait to make watching the new show even more fun.

The old man

This action and thriller show is currently in post-production and is all set to come out early to mid-2022. If you love mystery, action, and the thrill of running into and combating danger at every step of the way, this show might just be for you!

‘The Old Man’ tells the story of a former CIA agent who is currently living off the grid until the past comes back to haunt him and the enemies he made come looking for him along the way. The former agent suddenly finds himself running from people and missions he knows nothing about and must find the truth if he wants to solve the problem before it worsens.

Starring Jeff Bridges, Noor Razooky, and Pej Vahdat, this show sounds like a fun watch for action and thriller buffs who want to unwind with a good show after a long week at work.

The dropout

If you don’t know who Elizabeth Holmes is and what Theranos is, let’s first get you up to speed. Theranos was an American private corporation that was first introduced as a breakthrough in medical technology. This company was built on the claim that they could perform accurate blood tests for several diseases with very small amounts of blood very quickly using a device the company developed. The whole company was later found to be one big fraud and was

Elizabeth Holmes—the world’s youngest self-made female billionaire, a person who was once called ‘the next Steve Jobs’ is the founder of Theranos. She was charged with multiple counts of fraud for false claims and putting the lives of millions of people on risk.

But how did it all happen? How did Elizabeth Holmes fool some of the world’s smartest people, her investors, and everyone else? ‘The Drop Out’ aims to answer all these questions in a new series on Hulu. Who knows, the truth might shock us all.

Conversations with friends

Conversations with friends are going to be a show inspired by a book of the same name. The show will tell the story of two college friends, Frances and Bobbi as they bond with and develop an expected but satisfyingly surprising bond with a married couple.

If you’re a fan of drama, light comedy, and slice-of-life genres, this feels like the right show for you to look out for!

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