Up your Blockudoku Puzzle Game with These Crucial Tips!

Blockudoku puzzle game is one of the most sought-after puzzle games. Gamers enjoy this game since it helps them unwind, relax, and be happy.

Solving a blockudoku puzzle has also been reported to improve productivity levels, increase your attention to detail, improve your mood and keep stress away. 

Besides, these block puzzles improve your problem-solving skills and foster better collaboration.

However, a blockudoku puzzle game can be even more fun if you know how to navigate your way.

Keep reading to discover the tips that will help you become a blockudoku block puzzles master.

When you begin playing, sometimes excitement may get in the way. You may feel the urge to do away with different shapes immediately. 

However, take some time before making any move. After all, the time constraint is a non-issue in this game. 

If you do this, you will effortlessly figure out how to score better and more in fewer moves. If you rush, you may make mistakes and keep rotating in one place. That may frustrate you and make you give up.

  • Think through before making a move

Reasoning logically is crucial in solving any block games puzzles. Be mindful so you can attain the best score and beat your current standing. 

Hover over your grid. And do not channel your focus on a single spot. If you do this, you will destroy more lines with fewer moves.

  • One step at a time

Resists the temptation to handle multiple things at a go. But channel your focus and energy on one thing. 

Even though destroying several boxes and lines has perks, it shouldn’t be your ultimate goal.

Avoid the guesswork and think things through before making a move.

  • Make streaks and avoid special figures.

Squares and streaks are crucial. That is because you get +9 points for every successful one.

When you do this, it gets easier to achieve. And that will increase your chances of scoring better. 

Additionally, do not wait to make special figures. Utilize every opportunity since if you wait, it may fail to show up again. 

  • Be flexible

If you want to score more, show flexibility. Be alert and aim to improve your skills as you go. That will help you become a tactful player and a blockudoku master in the long run.

  • Do not build walls

You can reduce your playing pace if you choose to wait for the ideal combinations to come up. That is because if you fail to gather the available pieces to their rightful spot, you will run out of moves. 

You need not overbuild but carefully think about your moves before making them. 

  • Keep your board clean.

When solving a block games puzzle, you aim to build and destroy more. For best results, try starting from the end towards inwards. 

That is because if you don’t have space for other blocks, your game could end.

Final thoughts

Take advantage of the above tips to help up your blockudoku game. And you will love the results. And keep practicing. After all, practice makes perfect.


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