Individual of Your Country 

Understanding the Responsibility as an Individual of Your Country 

It is essential to understand one’s individual role in their country. For a country leader, their responsibility is to work towards a prospering nation that safeguards its citizens and deals with their needs. For a citizen, their individual responsibility is to contribute towards the wellness of their country by their actions and words. This goes for anyone, whether living in the States, Saudi Arabia, or any other part of the world. 

Helping your community 

While playing your role as an individual, you should also look for the people around you. Helping your community is an essential part of being a responsible citizen. When you are out and find any litter on the streets, make sure to throw it in the nearby garbage cans and keep the area clean. Volunteer every now and then to do community work or visit shelters or orphanages in your neighborhood. If there is any repair work that lies in your capabilities, then help your neighbors with it. If there is a tree plantation campaign in your community, participate. 

Abiding By the Law 

Even if there are no cameras around you or witnesses, you should still feel the responsibility to obey the laws, whether following the traffic rules, paying taxes on time, or avoiding any illegal activities.  

Earning Good Education 

Even getting a good education for yourself can be a part of being a good citizen. When you get an adequate education, you are enlightened by all your responsibilities and the reasons you should fulfill them. Getting good education means improving living standards, holding a job position that may directly or indirectly contribute to the country, and having a good income. Then, whether you use that income to spend within your country or Invest in Saudi Arabia, the money you will be spending in your country’s markets or the benefits you will be gaining from the investments will eventually contribute towards your country’s economy. 

Speaking Up When Necessary 

Your actions are important, and so are your words. Use your voice to enlighten others with the responsibilities of a citizen and why it is necessary. Use your voice to encourage others to vote, and make sure to participate in voting yourself as well. 

Being a good citizen is to know your responsibilities and work towards fulfilling them. So, be a good person and citizen and give your best.

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