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Understanding Blunders to Avoid While Naming a Brand

It is incredibly overwhelming to choose an impressive name for your brand or business.  Brainstorming is simply the beginning of a complex process. When you strike out the already taken names from your list, the ideas or options seem quite limited. Moreover, you have to take into consideration the trademark laws, branding legalities, spelling glitches, and more. According to the experts at Forbes, you should never undermine the significance of opting for a great brand or business name. Innumerable business owners have already realized that has the power or capability of making or even breaking a new venture. The right brand name will be instrumental in empowering your business. You can easily come up with a unique name and leave a positive impact on the minds of your target audience or customers, provided you steer clear of the following mistakes.

Mistake: Not Thinking Twice before Copying a Renowned Name

A copycat is never appreciated or liked by anybody. Many thoughtless people consider copying coined business names. They come up with countless clone names to bask in the reflected glory of some successful brands. They think that it is a smart move to rely on the brand power of certain established names. The issue here is that when you are caught copying a renowned name, you appear to your clients as an unoriginal and lazy entrepreneur without any creativity or tenacity. Moreover, you may have to encounter disputes and legal issues because of trademark infringement. While naming a business, keep in mind that the sole intention of branding is to encourage people to talk about all the distinctive features and great things that help you stand taller among the rest.

Mistake: Going Through the Process Hurriedly

Naming a product or brand is more complicated than most of you realize. It necessitates both creativity and strategy. You would be requiring a perfect name that is unique and memorable and at the same time, it should not have any limitations. Your brand name is a business solution that has the potential to grow with the future expansion of your business. Do not rush while choosing a name. It is best to take enough time to deliberate over the options and their suitability to your brand. Start the process by crafting a comprehensive and clear creative brief, highlighting specific naming criteria, and strategic objectives.  During the brainstorming session, consider a broad spectrum of advanced naming mechanisms or brand name generators. Narrow down the options and choose the final name. To register and get a full trademark, it will be taking from approx. a year to 18 months in the United States.

Mistake: Disregarding Trademark Laws

New firms are coming up now and then. There is massive competition in every sector. Hence, choosing a unique and impressive brand name is incredibly challenging every day. It is best to examine thoroughly already existing trademarks as that may go a long way in avoiding undesirable lawsuits or legal battles in the future.  Remember that you will come across common and federal law trademarks.


Even on occasions when you come up with the perfect name in a rapid burst of creativity and inspiration, ensure that it caters to all the necessary criteria. It may be a time-consuming process to identify a good brand name, but the perfect option should be crafted to last.



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