Types of Amazing Bubblers For Smoking Potpourri

Since the 1970s, bubblers have been growing in popularity. A hand blown glass bubbler is now a household item, bringing with it the nostalgic sound of crackling cigarettes. Bubblers combine the functionality of an ordinary blown glass pipe with that of a bigger, more powerful, glass bong. A fun, convenient, and handy way to smoke with a glass bubbler, glass bubblers quickly become some of the most sought after merchandise sold in any novelty shop.

Glass bubblers:

Glass bubblers are manufactured using a combination of glass and ceramic material. The most common materials used to make bubblers include glass and stainless steel, although there are models available in other materials as well. The two main types of glass used to make bubblers are frosted and clear; the clear glass is intended for smoking, while the frosted version is perfect for cleaning. There are even options available to buy bubblers in the shape of animals, such as fish or frogs.

To use your bubbler glass pipe, all you need to do is fill the bottom of the bowl with water and place your finger in the bowl. Once your finger is safely inside the bowl, turn the power on and pull your finger out. That’s all there is to it. Once the water in the bowl begins to cool, you simply close the tube over your finger and inhale the aromatic smoke that is released.

Water pipes:

Glass bubblers are a great alternative to traditional water pipes. Not only are they more aesthetically pleasing to the eye (compared to an unattractive and highly functional water pipe), but the bubblers tend to produce much less smoke overall. This is because the bubbles tend to produce a finer stream of smoke than traditional water pipes do. It’s also important to note that unlike regular bongs, a bubbler doesn’t have to rest on the table in order to produce a stream of smoke. Instead, it can simply be held in one hand and gently bobbed in the air like a balloon. This is definitely a step up from the average bong.

Another popular choice for bubblers is a gas bubbler. These devices are generally made out of stainless steel and are made to look just like real champagne glasses. A small amount of silicone oil is used to create the appearance of the bubbling. A small amount of mercury is added to the silicone oil and the device is ready to make and release its steam. The amount of silicone oil and mercury in the device is determined by the manufacturer, so your local party store should have a very good idea of what amount to purchase.

Glass bong:

One final type of bubblers is the glass bong. While they are generally only used for smoking marijuana or hashish, there are some that come with a glass pipe, letting you smoke vapors from a soda or other similar product. These bubblers are often not as accurate as their glass pipe counterparts, but they do produce quite a bit of smoke and do not require you to inhale through a glass pipe. If you want to smoke something other than marijuana, however, you may find this to be disappointing.

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You can also purchase several different types of bubblers, allowing you to smoke dry herbs, hard drugs, or even chocolate. Since each type works in a different way, you’ll want to know exactly which kind of smoke you want from your smoke. If you are smoking something that is going to produce a lot of smoke but you don’t want it to be hot, you will want to get a glass pipe bubbler. If you want your smoke to be cool and crisp, a marijuana bubbler might be the best option for you.


Overall, bubblers are becoming increasingly more popular all the time. With their portability, they allow people to enjoy smoking without ever worrying about the mess they would make by smoking in a conventional pipe. Many people enjoy smoking with these because they are easy to take with you anywhere you go.

If you are interested in getting one of these, you can easily purchase them online or at your local hardware store. Regardless of where you purchase them from, they are a safe way to enjoy your favorite form of smoking.

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