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Turn off Location Setting on Your iPhone With These Easy Hacks

One of the most frequently asked for access to your iPhone will always be your location. Almost all different apps request this when you open up or boot up your iPhone again. This might bother most of the users because some actions are not possible unless you let the app have access to your location. This is done by numerous google apps as well such as Maps and other elements. Hence, giving it access is easy but when it comes to turning it off, it can be a bit of a struggle.

Therefore, you can close it whenever you want to but it will notify you that you will not be able to perform certain tasks. Therefore, along with benefitting your privacy, you will be able to get some disadvantages as well such as restrictions on performing certain actions. Therefore. Here are some ways how you can turn off location on your iPhone

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  1. Turn off location services completely 

One of the best ways how you can turn off the location setting on your device is by going to the setting and turning the option off as a whole. When you turn this off then no other app will get access to your location which will make things better. However, if you just want to restrict some apps then you will have to go to that setting and turn off the location from there. When you completely turn off the locations then some apps might misbehave and not allow you to enter either.

  1. Block location tracking services

There can always be some other ways how your iPhone will be able to get access to your location. Therefore, you can turn off the back track of them by going to system services where you will find the option of location in the privacy section. When you turn this off then you won’t have to worry about anything. This will automatically ensure that no apps will use your location no matter what.

  1. Use apps

There are numerous different apps as well that help you turn off your location. You can easily turn it off with location changerThis will allow you to change your locations as well through GPS. These apps work on numerous different platforms as well such as games and other apps that people use. Hence, you can easily download this and save yourself from showing your actual location easily.

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