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A VPN Review of the New Bear VPN Service

According to this Tunnel Bear VPN Review, Netflix offers many different local catalogues through a geolocation service, and currently the most interesting material is available in Netflix US, Canada and UK together with a selection of films from all genres. The service has received mixed reviews, but most are impressed by its subscription service as well as the quality of the movies and television shows. A major concern that customers have had with Netflix is the legality of their business model, particularly in regards to the provision of paid-per-play access to movie rentals.

Tunnel Bear VPN Review:

Despite this issue, the company is well aware of the concerns and has taken measures to quell the furor. Two major features of the service, one of which is geo-blocking, have been introduced to combat this illegal activity. With geo-blocking, a customer who chooses to watch content from one country, will receive a warning or screen message prompting them to select another country to watch their content. A second major feature, known as tunneling, was also introduced. This technique allows customers to view content from anywhere in the world using streaming IP technology.

Tunnel Bear VPN Review continues: “A couple of weeks ago, we noticed that Netflix was blocking VoIP. Now it looks like they’re blocking PPV too. It’s pretty simple actually, if you know the correct IP. PPV works by obtaining a IP address from Facebook and then using that IP to log into Facebook using an anonymous proxy. That IP, instead of the one they obtained from Facebook, is used by the Netflix servers and forwards that information to Netflix. You can also use the trusted 1337X source for a safer proxy experience. 

Out ourselves and discovered:

We were able to test this out ourselves and discovered that this method blocked access to several Netflix services including their own movie service, their own pay-per-view site, as well as several other smaller ones. So, there is a lot at stake here. Netflix has a lot riding on this latest move. The question is, will they go after PPV? Or will they keep tunneling?

As it turns out, we were able to tunnel through this problem. We used what’s known as an iPhone app that simultaneously utilized our Firebox iPhone video proxy. This way, we could simply browse the internet using our iPhone and not even have to worry about browsing through Facebook or other apps. When utilizing this method, we were successfully able to bypass the ge-blocking that Netflix implemented. You can also make use of the pirate bay.

Even without their PPV tunnel bear VPN:

The company may have blocked VoIP in order to protect against external hackers, but this action has come back to haunt them. In fact, earlier this year, Netflix actually had to pay a $1.50 a month fee to a federal government contractor, because of a breach of ge-blocking. In the end, the contractor was unable to find the source of the problem. This highlights the importance of taking proper security measures, even if you’re not a huge company.

Netflix is now saying that they’ll be able to continue to operate this way, even without their PPV tunnel bear VPN service. In fact, it looks like the company will be expanding their tunnel bear operation into other countries, as well. There are many other companies who have already started to take advantage of this. If they can get this one right, then there’s no telling what else they can accomplish. A Netflix VPN review will give you more details on this.


The big question that remains click here is whether or not this is going to affect Netflix. Only time will tell. Until then, you can always check out our website for up-to-date information on this and any other aspect of internet marketing. Our team is always available to give you a fresh perspective on any topic you may be interested in. Feel free to read our complete Netflix VPN review and learn how this company’s new service can improve your online media enjoyment.

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