6 Travel Destinations You Must Fly to In 2022

https://isleblue.co/bali/villas 2022 is the year you should make the trip to the most dreamy destinations in the world. Planning the schedule to incorporate time for new adventures as the new year approaches is thrilling. 2020 calls you to return to your favorite destinations and cut the new ones off your lists. Whatever travel destination you choose, for accomodation you should choose villa rentals like Bali Villas to have a memorable time.

As we look for what 2022 has in place, reach out to the best private aviation companies like Empire Aviation to fly you to places. Make sure these places are packed with fresh-air activities, aspirational architectures and mesmerizing water bodies.

Certainly, bringing traveling back to its roots, whether it involves wearing a mask and using a frequent amount of hand sanitizer is a key to discovering a new sense of adventure and exploration.

We have created a list of astonishing destinations that you must visit in the new year 2022:

Abruzzo, Italy

Abruzzo, situated in Italy, is the most overlooked destination in the country despite its unspoiled villages, stunning landscape and charming Trabocchi coast. It extends from the heart of Apennines to the rich waters of the Adriatic Sea on the southeastern side of the Peninsula.

Over the years, it has grown from a sleepy underdog to a portent of slow travel, wowing hospitality, dynamic culture and delicious food. For instance, the 19th-century mansion, Villa Corallo, located near the Civitella del Tronto, was transformed into a five-star hotel in 2019.

In addition, Dimore Montane is an eco-lodge that opened in 2020 in the Majella National Park. It is equipped with environmentally-friendly amenities with a zero-waste policy. At the same time, restaurants like Bottega Culinaria and Materia Prima are changing the region into one of Italy’s hotspots for traditional and innovative dishes.


The state of Alaska is famous for snow-capped and towering peaks, wilderness, unique national parks and colorful locals. You can enjoy its beauty while hiking, paddling and fishing. The wildlands of The Last Frontier attracts tourists from all across the world.

Among many, Tracy Arm Fjord is one of the beautiful sites in Alaska where you can go cruising. At the head of the Fjord lies the twin Sawyer Glaciers. Most importantly, wildlife sightings are common here, such as brown bears, whales, moose or seals.

Trondelag County, Norway

Situated in central Norway, Trondelag County is becoming one of the most popular places for quality food. The reason behind it is the diverse landscape consisting of forests, mountains, fjords and fields that provides high-quality seafood ingredients, organic dairy products and fresh vegetables. Thus, the local farmers share these earthly riches across the local and world’s restaurants.

Furthermore, food bloggers and lovers should head to the newly renovated Britannia Hotel to dine at Michelin-starred Speilsalen. Announced as Norway’s Restaurant of the Year 2020, this place is a must-go-to-destination.

Here, you can also drown yourself in the flavors of the head chef Christopher Davidsen’s signature dish. It is a recipe featuring scallops from the island of Froya fries in the organic butter earned from the town of Roros. It is also served with celery and caviar.

Travel Destinations


Barbados has everything to offer if you desire an all-inclusive vacation full of shenanigans of dining and nightlife. Most significantly, This pedestrian-friendly south-coast is full of restaurants and new resorts, calling you to enjoy the vibrant colors of life.

This destination has the O2 Beach Club and Spa, an all-inclusive resort located on Dover Beach’s white sands. It also consists of three pools, six dining alternatives, seven cafés, and the Aqua spa, the island’s only thermal treatment area.

If you head along the south coast to Worthing Square Food Garden, you will be blessed with the yummiest dishes from the Caribbean. In fact, it is an outdoor food hall accommodating 20 vendors.

Alberta, Canada

The tortoise lakes and snow-capped mountains of Alberta have been one of Canada’s most fantastic tourist attractions. The destination encapsulates Fort Edmonton Park. It is a home to the Indigenous People Experience. It is, in fact, Canada’s largest living history museum, attracting tourists to explore the heritage and First Nations and Metis culture.

Merida, Mexico

Merida, Mexico, will be a popular traveling destination for tourists in 2022. It features the remarkable Mayan ruins and neon-blue cenotes. Moreover, its unique culinary scenes are a hit on tourists’ bucket lists.

In addition, it offers a wide range from pleasantly fried street cart churros to traditional dishes. You can feast upon dishes from the chefs like Pedro Evia.

Los Angeles. 

People visit la not just to see the town but to visit the amazing beaches. There are a lot of amazing beaches in LA if you are looking for a great beach vacation. You can find the best beaches in LA, California with Beachfix


These destinations have incredible attractions to leave you enchanted. Begin your trip with the luxurious experience of Empire Aviation Group services and end it with infinite memories and sore muscles.

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