Traditional Networking Techniques to Boost Your Visibility and Value

The digital world makes it hard to get noticed. Every other candidate is turning into content creators and influence to grab the world’s attention. You could be the best in your field but the noise in the digital world could be pushing you beneath the surface.

To rise up, have you thought about networking beyond the online world? As many would agree, traditional networking still holds a lot of power. Even businesses conducting centralized hiring find talent the traditional way. So if you’re focusing on digital networking opportunities only, you could be missing out on so much!

A fair question to ask now is how to use traditional networking to get noticed and find opportunities to further your career? Here are some invaluable ways to do so:

Attend Offline Industry Events

Given how rare in-person meetings have become in the COVID-19 era, this is easier said than done at the present, but event calendars have started to fill up again. Look for events that are relevant to your industry and participate. Show up, bring your business card with you, and share it with anyone you meet.

Chat with people, and pitch your ideas right away. Ask questions. Subtle throw in what makes you a good choice. This meet and greet will leave you with lots of useful knowledge. Even just being around people can leave you with so much valuable info. Who knows meetings like these make you find lasting friends and partners!

Continue to Work on Self-Improvement

I know, you must be thinking what does traditional networking have to do with self-improvement? Well, you are likely to meet people in the process of joining a course. it’s not uncommon to bump into someone who can help you with your career. They can introduce you to someone, and point you in the right direction and this has the potential to change everything.

Join Different Club Meetings

Consider attending a job club meeting if you want to specifically network with other job seekers. Although the structure of each club differs, you generally provide each other with search guidance and support. You can introduce yourself, make referrals, and let others know about opportunities. Job club gatherings may usually be found by looking about your local area. Check if the chamber of commerce is conducting a meeting and participate if it’s relevant to your industry/field.

Look For Non-Profit Events

If you’re merely wanting to network with like-minded people in a similar field without sounding salesy, this is the place to be. Participation in these events can help you find sponsorship opportunities for yourself and participate in corporate social responsibility.

Aside from that, attending events for non-profits is a wonderful option because you will be able to share this common ground with other attendees.

Leverage the Power of University Alumni Events

Universities frequently host events for their alumni, which may be general in nature, such as a cocktail reception or a sporting event. Some people don’t like attending these events because but I would say give them a try.

At these gatherings, you can network, and you may be able to find someone who’s in the same field as you. Interest-based events are very good for networking with people with whom you share similar hobbies. Even if you don’t see results right away, an opportunity may pop up months later.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Help

Sometimes, you know exactly which person can help you find prospects but you are hesitant to ask. This could make your friendship seem strange. You might be right but hey, you don’t get points for being honest. Time is progressing so fast. Don’t wait up and don’t feel bad when asking for help.

So, if you already know someone who can help, take advantage of the opportunity. Whether it’s a friend at a mortgage staffing agency, a former colleague, or a family member. Make the most of whatever opportunities you come across.

Summing Up

Keep on testing different networking opportunities. Remember that, you may not be able to find a business opportunity right away. In any case, be flexible and adapt to the situation. Each of the events has its own set of advantages, and they can all help you establish a solid presence for sure.

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