Top reasons to buy wholesale NBA jerseys

Basketball is a popular sport. It has fans from different parts of the world. Wearing a NBA jersey is the best way to express your love for the sport. Authentic NBA jerseys are expensive. But when you buy wholesale NBA jerseys, you can save a lot of money. Here are top reasons and tips to buy wholesale jerseys.

Why should I buy wholesale jerseys?

Buying an authentic and affordable NBA jersey is like winning lottery and is difficult. The discount and sales on NBA jerseys is occasional and rare. It is difficult to spot the stores offering redemptions. Also, you have to hit the stores at the right timing to grab their offers and discounts. It is difficult and most of you miss the timing. Even if you reach the stores on time, the crowd crushes you before you could make the purchase. To avoid such troublesome encounters, buy your NBA jersey from a wholesale dealer. You get authentic jerseys at reduced prices.

What are wholesale jerseys?

The price of wholesale NBA jerseys is not the same as the jerseys you buy from retailers. The wholesale dealers are the middlemen between the manufacturer and the retailer. They sell in bulk. The retailers buy from the wholesale dealers and sell at a higher price making profits. Therefore, the wholesale jerseys are less expensive.

How to find wholesale jersey dealer?

  • Start your search from your local commerce chamber. If you have good business contacts, enquire them.
  • Do online searches. Be specific while searching. Include keywords of the product. For instance, search for “NBA swingman jersey wholesale”.
  • Search for wholesale lots in eBay. Alibaba is another popular online platform for wholesale purchases.
  • Check with the back to back marketplaces like buyerzone, global sources, EC21, busy trade, etc.
  • Join forums, industry groups and other professional networks and discuss about wholesale NBA jerseys.
  • If you are buying NBA jerseys in bulk, go to the manufacturers directly.

When should I buy a NBA jersey?

Late July and early August is the best time to buy NBA kerseys. Before buying, make sure the player is still a part of the team.

How to choose the right wholesale jersey dealer?

First, compile a list of wholesale jersey dealers. Then, Google them; check on their online reviews. This will give you an idea of whether to reach them or not. After you narrow down the list, visit them in person. While you make the visit, ask these questions:

What type of jerseys you sell? What is your price point? What is your knowledge in jerseys? How long have you been selling jerseys? Where do you buy the jerseys from? Do you add shipping cost? Can you help me with shipping?

Things to consider while buying wholesale jerseys

Before buying wholesale NBA jerseys, calculate the numbers. How many do you need to buy? Calculate the total amount to be spent. Include shipping and delivery charges. This will help to avoid over estimating or underestimating your order. Do not be afraid on negotiating. Make room to store the jerseys before you place the order. You can also use drop shipping. Here, the wholesaler stores and handles your shipping.

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