Top Five Netflix Thriller Series You Must Not Miss This Month

It is understandable that this month has been full of ups and downs for a lot of people and you are also a part of the crowd which is working really hard to make the end meet. That is why you deserve to watch every single show which has the potential to entertain you in any of its capacity. That is why we have come up with this list of top five Netflix thriller series you must not miss this month if you truly want to end the month on a good note. Let’s check them out quickly.


A family gets almost torn apart in this thrilling drama show which is certainly going to send chills down your spine because of everything that it has to offer to you. “The show is full of twists and turns” would be such a cliche line to use here, but that is just what the truth is. You gotta watch this show to truly enjoy it and see for yourself whether it was worth your time or not. As for Bloodline Season 4, The Next Hint has dismissed the possibility of that happening for the makers have already concluded the story with its third season itself.


Blood of Zeus is a highly engaging animated show which tells you the story of a young lad who comes to know a shocking truth about his origins. It is one of the finest animated shows available on Netflix and you must watch it right away if you want to spend the rest of the time of your month in the best way possible.


A lot of things have been said about this show and most of them were good. The Spanish show truly deserves all the fame and attention that it has received so far. The world has literally gone crazy about this show with fans singing the theme song to express their devotion towards the show. The lead characters of this series are truly awesome and they will not let you feel bored for a single moment while the show is going on.


The Witcher was never supposed to become a raging success, but magic happened and the show garnered instant praise and popularity throughout the continents just after its release. You must watch this show for the brilliant portrayal of The Witcher by Henry Cavill and you will most certainly toss a coin to him as an act of expressing your respect to him.

  • DARK

The show is one of the most confusing time-traveling dramas and you must watch it to know what exactly is going on in this show about time and family.


So, which one of the above have you started watching right now? If it is Bloodline that you say, then you are on the right track because it is quite entertaining. Also if you liked this list of ours, then you must check out our other lists which will tell you about some really great shows which are available on Netflix and should not be missed at any cost. And for more such amazing content, keep visiting our website for regular updates.

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