Top 7 Features that Makes Magento

The Best Hosting Platform

Magento is one of the best e-commerce platforms on the internet. If you want to take your business online, Magento hosting is the best software you can select. Following are some of its features that make it a great choice. 

  • Magento is Free

You will be glad to know that Magento core is available for free, and anyone can use it according to their needs. You might have to pay for some cost for extensions you add on or for developers you might hire, but the platform does not cost concluding it’s free to use. This makes Magento hosting best for startups and small businesses that have low budgets and cannot afford to pay a sum for hosting.

  • It is an Open-source

Another great thing with Magento hosting is that it is an open-source software which means anyone with skills can develop new modules. Over 300,000 developers use Magento, they have active forums with contributors amounting to thousands. The large community with the help of its contributors is working to make the platform apt for the best Magento hosting.  

One of the benefits of using an open-source platform is that many people work to make it better. The functionality and quality improvement are there because of the community’s consistent efforts with the software. 

  • Magento has Advanced Security 

Website security is significant for every business website owner. It is a priority, especially when you run an online store that operates daily and is open to the majority. Customers share their personal information while online shopping, so eventually, a lot of responsibility falls on the store’s owner. 

In the e-commerce industry, Magento hosting has been considered one of the most trusted choices. Magento core software offers security against hackers; you can build your website more secure with security extensions. 

In addition, with the best Magento hosting, you get to control how much access you allow people to possess. The platform has security permissions that help limit accidentally breaking into sites due to ignorance. 

  • It Supports Massive Catalogue and Order Volume 

We know that Magento is a free host, and there can be the perception of not doing well with massive traffic. With the best Magento hosting, you can host up to 500,000 products to your online store. The platform can handle over an amazing 80,000 orders every hour.

  • Easy Customization 

Magento is easy to customize when it comes down to using a large library of extensions. If you choose Magento hosting, you get the power to make your website backend look exactly the way you want it to be. Magento comes with many features you can integrate if you want to, and also lets you manage platform orders. 

  • Responsive Shopping Cart Functionality 

This feature is full bang on and makes Magento one of the best web hosting services. Millions of people shop online on different devices; the Magento shopping cart is responsive which means it works smoothly on tablets and mobile devices. 

You do not let your consumers or users bounce back from your online store, and a slow shopping cart can lead to that eventually. Magento is the solution to avoid slow processes. 

  • Strong Product Research Product 

Visitors want the best research result possible, and with Magento hosting it’s 100 % possible. Your e-commerce website needs to be able to give absolute correct product search results. Your website needs to be intuitive and attractive to stand out from the rest. 


All of the above features make Magento the best web host service. Along with the above features, Magento also provides built-in features, enables personalization, and much more. Starting an e-commerce website is a big deal, you have to go for significant choices. 

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