Top 6 Cash Earning Apps that Pay Instant Money 2021

Earning money is not easy with apps but is definitely not so difficult. There are plenty of apps in the market which allows you to earn cash by following some simple processes. Several payments and shopping apps allow you to earn fairly well.

Here are some examples of money-making apps which can help you earn in many other ways other than the defined ways.

Most outstanding money making apps of 2021

These apps help you earn cash legitimately and safely. Even though the earned amount is not much, yet it is enough at times.

  1. Cash app 

Cash app is one of the fastest ways to convert cash into bitcoins. Even though it is a money transferring app, it is also an app with which you can even earn. By completing simple tasks one can easily earn a lot of money with the Cash app. 

It includes running free trials, watching videos, voicing opinions and conducting surveys. The Cash app is a resource to earn money easily and conveniently.

   2. Swagbucks

The site not only allows you to earn money but also saves your money thereby increasing your earnings at the end of the day. It is one of the best platforms to participate in online surveys, which also helps in earning by conducting polls and playing online games and by purchasing make-in games. 

Awards can be redeemed in the form of gift cards or merchandise and can also be withdrawn as cash with Swagbucks. Daily payouts, early cashouts and gold surveys are some of the attractive features of the app.

Swagbucks operates in several nations like the USA, India, Canada, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom.

   3. Survey Junkie

Survey junkie helps you earn by influencing the brands by rendering your valuable opinion. Based on your profile, you can take surveys which then rewards you with virtual points which can later be redeemed as gift cards or could be encashed through PayPal into your respective accounts.

Participating in surveys can be done free by registering oneself on the easy-to-use interface.

   4. Wikibuy

Through Wikibuy one can shop on websites and stores at some of the cheapest rates. Once you download it in your browser, the database would bring you the most economic prices and rates for your purchases.

It provides credits for the commodities you purchase from different stores like eBay and Walmart. Additionally, you can earn by shopping in their partner merchants and vendor stores. 

   5. Robinhood

Through Robinhood, one can easily invest in stocks. It is an investing platform that does not ask for a commission. By using Robinhood you can easily invest in stocks, crypto and other trading devices.

Bitcoin, dogecoins, Ethereum and a lot more investment options come up for people saving at all levels. Whether you have $10 or $1K, it does not matter.

If you have done a sale of your shares through Robinhood and have derived a cash amount from it, you can redeem it instantly through this app.

    6. My Points

Earn by taking surveys, doing shopping and through coupons.

It can reward you for your online shopping, in-store shopping, for taking paid surveys and even for dining out. You can also make money watching games & movies, reading books and emails. Once you have enough points, you can redeem them easily through this app.

It has partnered with over 70 brands and points are given back to you in the form of Visa and Amazon gift cards. 

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