Top 5 ways to use your air compressor

Air compressors can be quite handy for any DIY-er, as well as for anyone who renovates often. They are versatile and can be put to many different uses. We are going to look into five of these, some common and some less so.

  • Spray painting

What you will find air compressors most used for is spray painting. Professional painters use them often and there is no reason why you should not use one to paint at home. You can use them for big painting jobs like the walls and for finer work like refreshing cabinets and drawers with a new coat of paint.

You can find big air compressing machines, smaller ones and portable ones; depending on your needs there is an air compressor for everyone.

  • Cleaning up

Another more conventional use for your air compressor is to use it to blow away any leaves and dirt from your pavements or paths. You can also use it to clean up after renovations. Forget the broom and use your air compressor to blow away any sawdust, dirt and dust with minimal effort.

  • Blowing up inflatables

You can put your air compressor to use in any season. Use it to blow up sports balls that have softened while not in use and to blow up inflatable pools and other things in your back yard.

Let’s face it, on a hot summer’s day you just want to get into a nice pool of water but inflating it seems like a punishment when it is that hot. Spending too much time sometimes with unsatisfactory results can be disappointing to say the least. By attaching a tapered inflator nozzle to your air compressor, you can be done in minutes and enjoy the warm day in your cool inflatable pool.

Similarly, it can be used to inflate tyres and almost anything else that requires air.

  • Nail/staple gun

You can modify your nail/staple gun by adjusting the air on the air compressor and attaching it to the gun. The compressed air released will propel the nails and force them through the tip without breaking it. This makes installing trims and mouldings easy and gives you some flexibility, as you can work with the gun with one hand while holding onto the moulding to keep it in place with the other.

  • Bringing winter to your back yard

This is one of the more unusual uses for an air compressor but it can be such a fun one. Whether you live somewhere where it doesn’t often snow, or you want to surprise your kids with some snow (although fake), you can do so with the help of your air compressor. There are DIY snowmaker plans that can be found online that you can attach your air compressor to and create a beautiful winter landscape. The snowmaker project may require the use of some pipe and valve pieces but you can find different plans online for free.

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