Top 5 PDF Editors for Mac in 2022

Do you need a PDF editor to handle your PDF files and documents on Desktop and Mac devices? There are many PDF editors that help you in viewing and editing your PDF files. You can use free and paid PDF readers to manage your PDF documents professionally on your devices. These PDF files allow you to make changes and save files in PDF format. In this article, we will discuss the top 5 PDF editors for Mac in 2022.

1.      UPDF: The Best Free PDF Editor for Mac

No doubt there are unlimited PDF readers and editors that have free features to handle all types of PDF files for free. UPDF by Superace Software Technologies is a completely free PDF editor with faster speed and advanced features on the Mac system to manage your files easily. Here are some features of UPDF:

  • The software has viewing and annotating features in one kit that has made it easy to enjoy all key tools for free in one place.
  • It is easy to add new texts to PDF files. Also, you can copy/cut and paste, delete texts.
  • You can crop, extract, replace, and rotate the image or object as you desired.
  • Quickly remove any pages you don’t need from your PDF file.
  • Make comments on PDF document by adding highlight, underline, strikeout, sticky note, and text box.
  • All features and tools are free to use to edit files and share with others directly and through emails.
  • It is secure to edit and share personal files using UPDF on your Mac system without security issues.
  • You can save your changed PDF file without watermarks.
  •  You can edit, organize, and draw on PDF on Mac in UPDF without limitations.

2.      PDF Expert for Mac

PDF Expert is another free PDF editor by Readdle Inc that helps the editors view, edit, annotate and change their files for free on the Mac system and does not take too much time for editing. Users can view, change and save their files on the Mac system using PDF Expert software easily. It has easier and instant features for the users to manage their PDF files collaboratively. You can use this Mac PDF reader on your system for editing files and saving them in any wanted format with the faster feature. Be easier to use all types of files and convert them into PDF form using PDF Expert on the Mac system.

3.      Adobe Acrobat DC

Adobe Acrobat DC is also a PDF maker with PDF viewing, editing, and sharing features that you can use easily on your Mac system. Use this software on your mobile and desktop device with ease with the latest features for managing all types of PDF files. This is a faster PDF converter that allows you to convert office documents and images into PDF files instantly. Use the software with collaborative features with easier tools on your Mac system. Adobe Acrobat turns your mobile device in besting editing tool to organize and combine your documents in no time.

4.      Foxit PDF Editor

Foxit PDF editor is a full-featured platform that permits you to edit and view your PDF files with the ease of time and features. Create an account on this platform and sign in to manage your files collaboratively in any organization. You have to purchase a sign-in account to use all types of pro features in one place. This PDF editor lets you edit text regarding size, font, and line spacing. It is easy and secure to edit and manage your PDF files.

5.      PDFpen

PDFpen is a powerful editing tool by Nitro PDF Pro with all essential for Mac users that lets them make valuable changes in PDF documents. The software has attractive building tools for Mac users to view and edit PDF files easily and instantly. The product has different price plans for the users to buy a plan according to their needs. Create an account and buy a Mac PDF plan for editing your Files to change text, images, and pages. You can add page numbers, bookmarks, notes, and comments to your files to save the files without any watermark.

The Best PDF Free Editor for Mac

The above PDF editors are the popular PDF tools in the market. They more or less have their  own pros and cons, but only UPDF is truly free to use. It can meet your common needs to view and edit PDF files for free. So if you need to select a PDF editor at no cost, we recommend UPDF. You can use its all features without limitations and watermarks. Download it to manage your PDF documents for nothing now.

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