Top 3 Mangastream Alternatives for Cartoon Fans in 2022

Well, without a doubt, Mangastream has been one of the most visited comic book reading sites on the web for years, but sadly the site is no longer active, period. Don’t worry; our team has researched every corner of the internet to find the best alternatives for reddit mangastream in 2022 to switch to.


MangaStream is a website where anime lovers will find and read comics from their vast library. Because of its popularity, for most users of this site, famous comics have just been translated into various languages ​​by users. The main reason why this site is so popular among fans is that it is available for free without asking for money for it. It lived on the internet for about a decade and beyond.

Is MangaStream Site Down?

Yes, as of September 2020, the website is down, and there is no possibility that the website will be operational shortly. This site is inactive due to copyright issues of the comic book authors, which is why the site was declared illegal and discontinued.

When creating the Mangastream site, it was decided to suspend all user services as it was deemed illegal. This site wants readers to read content from legal sources such as MangaFox or Kim Cartoons. Speaking of MangaStream, let’s take a look at some of the best alternatives to the site.

List of Top MangaStream Alternatives in 2022:

Before moving on to the manga section, check out the website. Let’s take a look at the list of Reddit Mangastream like websites. Comics are a way to escape reality and enjoy quiet moments while reading manga. Mangastream has been one of the best and most accessible sites to read manga online, but we were unable to access the site due to legal issues. However, our team found 3 of the best Mangastream alternatives that will give you access to your favorite comics in a matter of minutes. Let’s see what our team found for you.


When we talk about MangaStream alternatives, the first name that comes to mind is MangaDex. While ranking the best websites, we decided to put MangaDex at the top. It includes the fantastic feature of having different series versions with different endings that the users have speculated. Just like Mangastrea, the comics come in 20 different color versions.

The reason why MangaDex is at the top of our list is because of their party system. You can follow an existing group or start one and connect with other like-minded people. Besides that, MangaDex has a forum section where you can connect with others and discuss/share things. You can comment and discuss the comics in the group. In addition, you can even upload your version of the comic. Once uploaded, the community reviews it and makes it publicly visible.


Another great alternative to Kim Cartoons or Manga Stream is MangaFox. Due to the popularity of these sites, some even mirror and copy sites on them. By default, the site’s theme is flashy and a mix of orange, black, and white. It is a very easy-to-use site for all comic book lovers, and the adaptive zoom only improves the overall reading quality of the site. An official Android app also makes reading on your phone easier.

In addition, it has a rating feature that allows you to read popular comics with high ratings this week/month or daily. It even has a general rating section to see rankings of all-time popular comics. You can even check your company history and keep track of the comics you read. You must be logged in to access your activity history.


It is one of the most popular manga comic sites. It is notable for the owners who update episodes of the WSJ sequence regularly before the announcement of the official release. Like MangaFox, it also comes with an orange theme and a well-organized rich database.

The Genres feature drew particular attention from our team, so we placed it at number 3 on our list. The discussion area consists of a forum where you can share/comment on your ideas with other manga readers. It consists of a Top Night Owls section where you can see who’s been reading comics for a maximum of hours. Like other manga genres, it offers comics in multiple languages.

Wrapping Up:

This post discusses some of the top alternatives of Manga Stream for comic fans. If you are interested in more about Reddit Mangastream or Kim Cartoons alternatives, visit different sites like Past News for more information.




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