Top 10 Benefits of Getting a Scalp Micropigmentation


Baldness resulting from either alopecia, male pattern baldness, or thinning hair is relatively dominant in the entire globe.However,  scalp  micropigmentation (SMP) enhances the deposition of pigment into the scalp using  micro needles. If you go through this hair loss treatment process, you will have full and thick hair appearing like tiny hair follicles. Experts claim that the hair treatment process is not only safe but is also reliable.

 There are several benefits of SMP, including and not limited to;

Safe and secure

Many people fear undergoing hair loss treatment due to the associated chemicals and the side effects of the surgical procedures involved. There are no chemicals or incisions involved when conducting the micropigmentation process. An electric needle and a mild anesthetic are used for infection prevention purposes and curbing pain caused by the needlepoint.

Youthful appearance

In most cases, hair loss has been associated with old age. In addition to that, hair loss is one of the many causes that lower one’s self-esteem. After a successful micropigmentation, you are sure your confidence will be boosted, making you feel younger than you are.

Realistic look

When the procedure is performed by a professional, the impression arrived at is that of natural hair. The pigments are matched with your existing hair color and skin tone. The procedure as well considers the growth direction of your natural hair, creating a natural look.

Hides imperfections

If you were previously injured or had a hair transplant procedure, you will likely have a scar left. Scalp micropigmentation ensures such imperfections are camouflaged. If your hairline is receding, the procedure will often mask it; hence your hairline will appear fuller.

Quick procedure and healing process

After the scalp micropigmentation, you will take little to no recovery time since the process does not involve invasive procedures. You will require a few sessions to arrive at a well-tattooed head. In addition to being painless, you will have no wounds to heal, meaning you will only adopt a thorough cleaning routine after the process is done.

Minimal invasion

Rather than breaking the skin, micropigmentation ensures that pigments have been seamlessly integrated with your skin tone and hair color. The procedure is painless with zero to no discomfort.

Long term usage

After undergoing a hair transplant, one must make follow-up appointments for four to six months to ensure the hair follicles are in good condition. Contrary to that, scalp micropigmentation goes up to three years without requiring inspection.

No extra maintenance

The process is known for its low maintenance since restorative pigmentation is done when the pigment starts to fade. An ink creating the illusion of thick hair follicles is used instead of natural hair. However, you will not need to buy expensive styling creams.


The absence of surgical processes makes the scalp micropigmentation relatively cheap hence being affordable to many people. There are no post medication or additional care products you will require to boost your immune system. Rarely does the pigment clean off prematurely, and hence no need to schedule follow-ups.

No false claims

There are dozens of products claimed to help re-growing hair, but they do not have that effect. You may fall into the trap of purchasing some with the hopes of bringing your baldness to an end. Micropigmentation is different from such products, and its effect is felt immediately after the procedure is completed.

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