Tips to Rewrite Article Without Losing Content Quality

Whether writing content for you is an easy task or not, it takes so much of your precious time to create quality blog posts, articles, and other content to feed the marketing system. If you are working hard to produce new content week after week, you can use the proven ways to get the best results by doing less work. Yes, I am talking about rewriting the content that you have already created. It means to utilize the existing content as the foundation for a valuable new piece of content. 

Rewriting the content doesn’t mean changing a few words in the article and publishing it again on your website. When rewriting the content, you can take basic ideas from the original articles and create new content. It might be complex for you, so you can consider an online paraphrasing tool that rewrites the content for you to make it a whole new article.

Tips To Rewrite the Content:

Below are some of the best tips and tricks you can use to rewrite the content without sacrificing its quality.

1- Convert a List Into a Series of content:

Titles of paragraphs and numbering appeal to the reader to read the content, and that is why the cover page of fashion magazines has 2 to 3 headlines with numbers. You may have written an article of these types by yourself; if so, you may have created a list for the article. You can take one of the headlines from the list you have made and turn it into an individual post.

It will provide you an opportunity to expand your ideas and demonstrate a deep knowledge of that topic. When rewriting a particular headline, try to add the background information to make it more worthy. You can consider using the article rewriter tool if you find it difficult to rewrite the content manually.

2- Read the Original For Multiple Times:

If you can adequately understand the entire content, you can rewrite a piece from the original article and make it authentic. It is beneficial for you to read each passage of the original content at least one time before getting started. Ensure that you understand the logic behind the essay and its purpose and all the writer’s statements. To make it simple, you can use a paraphrasing tool to rewrite the content for your new post.

3- Change the Structure:

If you are rewriting, suppose your writing content will not be similar, but it looks identical to the original copy. This strategy will work better to use the different content type and turn it into your own words. For instance, if you are writing an essay, why not use the whitepaper or guide to use the ideas? In this way, you can turn some point into one paragraph and make few changes in the introduction & conclusion to make an entirely different piece from the original. It seems to be tricky if you are new to content writing, but the paraphrasing tool makes it easy to turn already published content into a new one.

4- Always Try to Write an Original Introduction:

Discussing the introduction, even when you will spin the content of a published article, ensure to create an original & fresh start for your content. It means to write an entirely new introduction for your recent essay. The into of your content is the first thing that a user first comes across, and it needs to be original even if the rest of the content is not. It’s the main reason why it is important to understand the article you will rewrite before you start. To write a new introduction for your new publication, you can use a Paraphrase tool that helps you to spin the content.

5- Add New Information:

Using someone else’s work is said to be a crime, so you can not steal the ideas of another person word to word. You can use the headlines of an article by using different wording or source to their sources. If you are using the same content, you must add some new information to the content. It will make a different, unique, and original content. If you are new to writing, you can use an article spinner that helps you to turn the old content into a fresh one.

Best Paraphrasing Tools:

Here are the top picks for the article spinner tools.

Article Rewrite by RewriteGuru:

In the modern world, content writers can use many tools to make their content unique professionals such as paraphrasing tools. Now, you don’t need to pay professional writers to write the content for your websites or blogs. Because the paraphrasing tool by RewriteGuru is the best article spinner that allows you to rewrite the article within a few minutes. All you need is to copy the text and past it into the mentioned area of the article rewriter, and click the rewrite article button to get results.

Paraphrase Online:

The above-discussed tool is a web-based paraphrasing tool that can help you rewrite your previously written articles, sentences, and paragraphs without damaging their structure. This article rewriter is easy to use, so you don’t need any technical experience or knowledge to use the spinner. A paraphraser is a good option for new beginners and professionals because of its simple user interface.


In this article, we have discussed the tips to rewrite the previously written content without damaging the quality of the content. You can use many tips to rewrite the content, but we have gathered the best for you in this guide.

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