Tips to Pick the Right Motorbike Training Course

If you are a Victorian resident who enjoys riding motorbikes or wishes to ride one, you are just one step away from sitting on your motorbike and taking it out for a spin. To ride your motorbike, you require a VIC motorbike license. Victoria established a VicRoads Motorbike Graduating License System in 2016 for those who wish to ride their motorbikes. The license system is a course that requires beginner riders to train to ride their motorbikes on the road before handing them their riding license.

Upon completing the license system, the rider becomes eligible to ride their bike outdoors. The licensing protocol ensures the safety of the rider and pedestrians by giving the rider mandatory training in basic riding, increasing their awareness, and exposing them to road and traffic conditions. Only after obtaining your VIC motorbike license can you ride your bike on the road.

What are the Eligibility Criteria?

To obtain your VIC motorbike license, you must:

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Be a resident of Victoria
  • Have an Australian motorbike learner permit for at least three consecutive months
  • Finish a check ride: A check ride is a training course that tests your steering and braking skills
  • Not have any pending fines
  • Be healthy and medically cleared to ride

How to Pick the Right Motorbike Training Course?

To get your VIC motorbike license, you must first take a motorbike training course. However, it is imperative you pick a course that suits you and gives you the best training that teaches you the fundamental riding rules, ensures your safety, and assists you.

Credits of the Institution

The first thing to look for in a motorbike-training institute is making sure the institute is cleared by VicRoads and is allowed to issue licenses. Picking an institute backed up by VicRoads ensures you are trained from an authentic and legal place.

Trained Staff

It is essential to ensure the training staff or facility is equipped and allowed to teach you. The right motorbike company must have highly qualified trainers who are experienced and can ensure your safety and polish your riding skills.

Additionally, picking a training institute with years of experience under its belt is also advisable. If a company has been around for years, you can rest assured they have trained multiple students, taught them how to handle different situations, and can adequately assist you.

Affordable Without Compromising the Quality

Understandably, you might gravitate towards an affordable training institute initially. However, as important as it is to find a cost-friendly institute, it is also crucial you do not compromise the quality of your training over the prices. Your safety should be your utmost priority. So, make sure you get the best training at a reasonable price.

Working Motorbikes

The training company you choose must have motorbikes in proper working conditions. Riding on well-maintained motorbikes during your training gives you a clear idea of how a well-oiled motorbike works, helping you pick the proper motorbike for the future.

Testimonials and Reviews

You must thoroughly read the testimonials and reviews of the training institutes before applying for a course. Check if the reviews from their old students and clients are positive and trustworthy before signing up for motorbike training courses.

In Conclusion

It is essential to pick the right motorbike training course to receive your VIC motorbike license. To obtain your license so you can ride your bike, it is vital to train at an institute with stellar reviews, a highly trained staff, and great reviews.

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