6 Tips to Influence the Power of SMS Marketing

The average time span which people spend interacting with their smartphones is 2.5-5 hours every day. As a result, there are more chances of them noticing and following up on a promotion appearing on this source. This presents marketers a great opportunity to reach the audience and establish connection on a deeper level. 

Promoting a brand through social media platforms or email is an effective marketing strategy. However, there is another channel not used as often which is SMS marketing. Text messages can be considered as one of the speediest channels for advertising we have today. There are no email filters or spam to misdirect your message once you press send. According to survey reports, seventy six percent of people open text messages instantly while reserving emails for later.

This allows marketers to have a precisely targeted tool which delivers the message across right on time. The statistics are also largely in favor of this mode of promotion. Ninety percent mobile devices are capable of receiving SMS. The open rate of text offers, or promotions is ninety eight percent! And lastly eight percent of text messages are sure to be read within 3 minutes. These numbers are pretty convincing to make businesses take notice of this marketing channel. Here are some effective tips from SevenDollarEssay to successfully achieve your promotional goals while SMS marketing. 

6 Tips to Influence the Power of SMS Marketing

  • Know your target audience

It is the vital component of any good marketing campaign to know the consumers you are pitching for. A brand should be keenly knowledgeable what their potential customers prefer and what grabs their attention. 

For example, it would a mistake to send a hefty power worded SMS to a millennial group. Instead, you want to keep it grounded and relatable for them to respond positively. In SMS marketing it is important to send the right message to the right circle of consumers. 

Study your target audience first and gain insight upon who they are and what they like or dislike. Only then will you be able to carry on an effective text message campaign. Moreover, segmenting your lists is very helpful too. You can send varying messages to each of the segments. The results will allow you to figure out which message had the most impact on a specific consumer group. Changes can then be brought to your campaign accordingly for encouraging conversions. 

  • Create an organic SMS list 

If just diving into the sea of SMS marketing, then avoid purchasing a ready-made list of phone numbers. This might seem like the easiest approach, but it is extremely ineffective. Also, the FCC does not permit a business to send texts to a customer unless they have previously given consent.

Therefore, the best way is to add an opt-in opportunity on your current marketing channels. Inform your existing customers about it through email, post on social media, and on your website. Paid advertising is another mode through which you can bring it to your customer’s attention. Building your list by organic means improves your chances to cover leads and keep subscribers. As they will already be interested in what you offer, they are likely to remain on the wagon for longer. 

  • Give more effort to the copy

Text messages should comprise of 160 or less characters. When we speak of copy, fewer words make it even more important to get it perfect. Your words should be carefully chosen to focus on the objective of your promotion. Brief and precise messages are also likely to be read by people in comparison to lengthy ones.

Use diction that is understandable and catchy and do not forget to include the call to action. Another top performing service of ours, EssayMillsUK, has tried and tested this strategy acquiring excellent results. When you speak on a personal level to your consumers they will tend to respond positively. As opposed to sending an over embellished advertisement which will be deleted after reading the first couple words.

  • Provide genuine perks

As with any other campaigning strategy, you must offer authentic value to your customer when text messaging. Unless you already have a reputed name, your subscribers will not be interested in hearing you out. However, text messages with genuinely engaging offers can work in your favor. 

Attract your customers by offering special deal, early promotion access or free products through SMS. Treat your list of subscribers as you would treat a VIP list. These people have handed you access to their personal numbers. This obliges you to provide perks of a substantial nature in return. Furthermore, it will also lead to building a list organically. 

  • Use call to actions

Another important element of marketing is the CTA or call to action component. After reaching out to your audience you must tell them exactly what they need to do. 

This does not mean that you have to add a “Shop Now” link in all your text messages. But you should word the message in a way which encourages action according to your goal. 

You can either drive traffic to your social media or website through the message. They can even be a great source for gathering insight on your target customers. Call to actions come in many forms such as “click here” or “present this code for discount” or “text-to-vote”. Think about how you want your customer to respond before adding CTA to a text.

  • Focus upon timing

Accurate timing is extremely critical for SMS marketing. The optimum period taken for deploying the messages should come into account. It does take some texting for identifying the peak hours for your business. For instance, a restaurant marketing campaign would receive more success when launched on the weekend. As people are likely to be looking for options to dine out on their day off.


By implementing these six tips you are sure to generate more conversions and sales by SMS marketing. Just keep in mind how necessary it is to optimize and time your campaigns. Track the results of each effort and gather the insight for improving the next one till its perfect. 

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