Time for Positive Self Promotion: Tips on Increasing Your Visibility

To succeed in the modern-day marketplace, it is important to be visible. Many people, especially women, find it difficult to promote themselves for fear of coming across as bragging or boasting. Unfortunately, their reluctance gives others ways for leadership posts and promotions.

After the coronavirus outbreak in late 2019, many organizations shifted their majority of the workforce to remote working terms. While remote working has been a success and might even continue after the pandemic, it has also been challenging for employees’ visibility. People with low confidence and even lower internet service at home did not shine through video conferencing and other mediums. However, people with effective remote working tools such as Spectrum Internet Packages managed to gain more attention during an online meeting, brainstorming session, and more.

Nevertheless, the following are some tips that help you become more visible gracefully.

The Right Frame of Mind

There is an obvious difference between communicating and bragging. Here are some pointers.

Firstly, think of someone who practices visibility well; someone you know in real life, someone you notice, and someone in media, etc.

Try identifying things that they do. Note at least three of their traits.

Ask yourself how you can replicate these behaviors and qualities in your professional life.

This exercise will help you practice parts of what you can do and make you more visible.

Align Your Visibility with Personality.

Some people feel an uncomfortable clash between their values or beliefs with an effort of being visible. But what if you managed to gain visibility without altering your personality traits?

Start thinking about how and why you want to be visible in the first place, and then create your own approach.

Again asks yourself what kind of viability building would match your personality, values, belief, and goals?

Choose three words that you would use to define this kind of visibility. And then walk the talk and create a plan of action for your visibility strategy.

Speak and Share Truth

If you are invited to share your opinions, and contributions about all that you have done for the company, then you have to do it wholeheartedly.

We also believe that modesty has its place, but being too modest about your achievements can pose a direct question about your credibility and position in the company.

When asked a direct question about the achievements, and you answer with the truth, then you will not be considered any bad of a person. Conversely, people who decide to share nothing are often covered as untrustworthy in the organization. You might think that people will judge you for being too braggy about your role in the company, but too much modesty can also produce inadvertently unfavorable results.

With that being said, don’t push people to ask about your success. When people naturally come up with questions about your role in a conversation interview or meeting then take the opportunity to talk about the way you have performed and how good of an asset you are for the company.

Know Your Moment

Like we said above, do not push it by cojoling people into asking about your success. There is always a time for self-promotion. There are several times when you can do so you only need to be vigilant in catching the right moments.

In an interview, people are generally expected to flaunt their accomplishments, but there are some other occasions as well. For example, when someone talks about their achievement or goals you can self-promote most naturally.

Always Celebrat

Whenever you accomplish your goals, be it tiny or major, always celebrate. Make sure you share your joy with others and celebrate the joy of being successful.

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