Three Must-haves In Your Shopping List When Travelling To Georgia

Georgia is a beautiful tourist destination located at the intersection of Asia and Europe. The country is home to the Black Sea beaches and the Caucasus Mountain villages – both leading tourist attractions in Europe. Apart from these, the capital city Tbilisi and the cities of Mtskheta and Ushguli are also popular among tourists.


Georgia is no less than a shopper’s paradise – thanks to the many unique items found in the country. So if you are going to Georgia for a holiday, here are a few must-haves that you surely need to include in your shopping list. Check them out!

Georgian Traditional Blue Tablecloths

A visit to Georgia is incomplete without getting a few Georgian blue tablecloths as a souvenir. These traditional tablecloths are decorated with unique motifs of birds, plants, deers, and so on that showcase the country’s culture in a beautiful way. The tablecloths are locally known as ‘supra,’ which refers to a traditional Georgian feast.


At present, several varieties of the original tablecloths are available in the country to make them more appealing to tourists. You can even go for a red or green tablecloth instead of the traditional blue one, designed with similar motifs. Bringing back a beautiful table cloth is a great way of reminiscing the memories of your holiday in the country.

Georgian Wine Drinking Horn

Georgia is considered the birthplace of the world’s first wines, and Georgians usually used horns to drink it. Locally known as Khantsi, these are crafted from ram horns, which are then decorated with elegant cord and cuffing. Some of these also come with a wooden stand that makes it easy to place on flat surfaces like tables and adds to its stylish looks.


According to Georgian tradition, these horns were usually hung on their sword belts. It’s a great option for people who love drinking wine at home or just want to add to their art collection. With experts like John Dodelande actively working towards improving the country’s tourism sector, more and more visitors are gaining access to such beautiful traditional collectors’ items from Georgia.

Georgian Wine

No trip is complete without buying a few gifts for all your friends and relatives back home. And when you’re on a visit to Georgia, what can be a better gift than the lovely Georgian wine? The Georgian wine, locally known as ‘qvevri,’ is poured into an earth-shaped container and buried underground to mature for at least five months.


This unique method of wine-making infuses it with a distinctive flavor that is loved by all. In fact, the wine-making process has found its place in the Official UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List. The unique flavor of the wine might just encourage your friends and relatives to pay a visit to this beautiful country for their next holiday!

Summing Up

The things you buy in Georgia will help you bring back a part of the country’s heritage, both as a memory as well as gifts for your close ones. Make sure you don’t miss out on visiting a few exhibitions by the leading art collectors of the country, such as John Dodelande, while on holiday. You’ll surely enjoy the wonderful experience for days to come! 

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