This is one of the best filler treatments i ever had!

My lips were so small that people would always comment on them, saying that they were not proportional to the rest of my facial characteristics. I wanted to give my lips a bigger, plumper appearance. When I learned that there are lip fillers that are regarded as safe and that can be dissolved if you don’t like them, I started considering having lip fillers. My friends recommended I try Novomed’s services for fillers in Sharjah, and went there for a consultation.

I went into the appointment with the attitude that I would not consent to anything unless I completely trusted and felt comfortable in the doctor’s hands. After my appointment, I made the decision that I had to have the fillers because of the doctor’s professionalism, kindness, and honesty. Although I felt comfortable with the doctor, getting lip filler was a little unsettling for me because I’ve never had any kind of cosmetic surgery and I wanted natural-looking results. The doctor guaranteed that nobody would actually be able to tell I had lip fillers because he would keep my lips’ natural shape and simply enhance them. He also informed me that if I wanted, he could gradually increase the volume.

The doctor told me during the appointment that the effects of a filler treatment would obviously vary from person to person and depend on the regions treated. Although some swelling and probably even some bruising are expected in the days following treatment, in most cases I would notice an instantaneous change in the volume and form of the treated area. As the swelling subsided and the filler started to integrate more organically into my lips, the results continuously got better for two weeks.

I can’t believe how much my face and self-esteem have changed after having my lips done. I feel so empowered and confident when getting compliments from my friends and family saying that my new lips suit me and make me look younger. I couldn’t have asked for a better overall experience. I will definitely keep going to Novomed’s Sharjah clinic to maintain my remarkable results and youthful appearance.


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