In the last thirty years, there is a sudden increase in vegans. Ayurveda does not recommend eating a primarily vegetarian diet. However, it does recommend regular detoxification. This detoxification helps to remove errors from daily life and eliminate environmental toxins. Sunshine Ayurveda currently offers a vegan Panchakarma Cure.

Sunshine Ayurveda offers a holistic cleansing that removes environmental toxins and stresses, compensates for imbalances, and pampers the guest with vegan Ayurvedic gourmet food. Panchakarma is the perfect way to live a fulfilling and active life.

Ayurveda & Vegan Nutrition

Ayurveda, a holistic health system, draws upon all-natural resources to improve a person’s health. Ayurveda means “the knowledge of living,” so you must live an Ayurvedic lifestyle. Each person should choose the best influences to improve their health and well-being daily. Ayurveda recommends that negative factors be minimized and that positive ones ideally replace them.

Nutrition is the pillar for maintaining a healthy mind and body. Ahara, Ayurvedic dietetics, says that the most important food component is not the food but the person eating it. Food should be in harmony with the person eating it and their Dosha constitution, imbalances, illnesses, and age. It can also depend on their energy level, the season, and the time of year.

Ayurvedic medicine and cuisine emphasize the importance of plant-based remedies and foods. However, some animal products may be used as remedies or sources of nutrients in the body. Ayurveda does not claim to be a vegetarian or vegan health system. However, animal products can be replaced with plant-based products provided that the Ayurvedic rules for healing and dietetics are followed.

You Can Be Vegan But Still Have Ayurveda Imbalances

Vegans can develop imbalances and even chronic diseases if they live a lifestyle, not in line with their Dosha. The body’s health can be affected by bad habits, environmental toxins, and metabolic waste.

The Vegan Panchakarma Cure at Parlschlosschen

Ayurveda’s ancient scriptures recommend panchakarma treatment to perform every 1-2 years to help you achieve deep detoxification.

Sunshine Ayurveda has been providing vegetarian and nearly exclusively vegan Ayurveda cuisine.

Apart from the other programs, the Panchakarma Cure at Sunshine Ayurveda can also be booked as a vegan option. The guest’s current health status and vegan lifestyle will also be considered.


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