The types of cloud services that the majority of businesses use.

The types of cloud services that the majority of businesses use.

It is incredibly important that you can protect your business files that contain customer information and customer innovations. Many businesses are now using cloud services to store their data and to host their many services as well. There are three main cloud storage service options currently available to you and they are public, private and hybrid clouds. It is essential that you choose a service that matches the size of your business and the needs of your company. If you continue to use your in-house server then it is going to prove to be expensive and your service may be limited.

You need to turn to an efficient & effective cloud services provider because they can offer you many services that include data storage, customer service tools, remote desktop hosting and others. All of the services can be categorised into three groups known as infrastructure as a service, platform as a service and software as a service. If you are now somewhat confused about these three different categories then maybe the following can help to explain it a little bit better.

    • IaaS – This is known as infrastructure is a service and its purpose is so that you can replace all of the physical hardware that you have including your in-house hosting server. The benefits of this is that you can use virtual servers so that your business can enjoy a wide range of different configurations that can all be used to handle your many different workload needs.
    • PaaS – Commonly known as platform as a service, if you are a software developing business then this gives you better access to many of the cloud-based tools like Gateway software or web portals. These are incredibly popular solutions and allow these businesses to work more efficiently and a lot more effectively.
  • SaaS – Software as a service provides its users with access to many pieces of software over the entire Internet. This access is completely available through computers as well as many other enabled mobile devices like smartphones and laptops. It allows your many different workers on the road to be able to join together on different projects and to be able to download essential files so that they can work specifically on certain programs.

Hopefully you will take advantage of the many services currently available from your cloud services provider and it is important to note that the costs will vary depending on a number of things like how many staff you have using it at one time and how many different features and tools that you wish to take advantage of. Obviously you may require additional support and so you may have to pay for that as well.

 Finding the right cloud services provider is going to take a little bit of time and effort on your part so that they can implement the correct technology that focuses on your particular business. Make sure that you ask about their security protocols and make sure that they follow best practices to make sure that your data is safe from unauthorised users.

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