The top five career options after completing your B. Arch degree

Architecture is the process of designing, planning, and constructing buildings and other such structures. An architect uses these processes and works on different materials to create building layouts and designs. The architects have an important role to play in the economic development of a nation. With the amazing structures and buildings they create, they signify the infrastructural prowess and prosperity of a country. 

Thus, there is no dearth of career opportunities for a student who has a B. Arch degree. This is one of the reasons why the Top B.ARCH Colleges in Chhattisgarh are so much in demand. Here are the top five career options after completing your B. Architecture degree

  1. Government jobs

A graduate in B. Arch can easily go for the different government jobs available in departments, such as transportation planning, housing, and the likes. There are lucrative job opportunities available at different ministries, like defense ministry, railway ministry, and even in some of the quasi-government bodies, like CIDCO, HUDCO, and so on.

  1. Project manager and construction

There are many top-notch project management in the country that look for qualified architects. However, to join the top firms like Cushman Wakefield or C. B. Richard Ellis, it helps to have a postgraduate diploma in project management from a well-reputed institution. Having a B. Arch degree from a renowned institution, along with a postgraduate diploma degree in project management, increases the scope of being hired by the good companies even for their overseas projects.

  1. Urban designer

Urban designers are people who have the responsibility of planning and designing all the aspects of a city. Being an urban designer does not mean only designing and taking care of urban buildings. They also take part in designing streets, landscaping, transportation systems, and public parks. Good urban design creates secure, attractive, and safe links and pathways between neighborhoods, landmarks, and centers.

  1. Landscape designer

Landscape designers are a lot like urban designers. Their main aim is to design public parks, gardens, playgrounds, and residential areas that look beautiful and attractive. A landscape designer is also called a landscape architect, and he has the responsibility of modifying and arranging features in a garden, urban area, and landscape. It involves managing, designing, and planning open spaces for creating rural and urban environments.

  1. Architectural journalist

Becoming an architectural journalist after studying in an architecture college in Chhattisgarh is suitable for the ones who have technical knowledge of the subject, along with a flair for writing. Architectural journalism is a sector that is showing signs of steady growth, and it can be a viable career option for you. As an architectural journalist, you will be rendering your services in different journals, websites, and magazines that are dedicated to the architectural, interior design, and construction industry.

So, which one of these career opportunities sound lucrative to you? Before you make that choice, you need to select a well-reputed college to enroll in the B. Arch course.

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