The Stages of Concrete Services

Concrete is a material which used in to construct the buildings, walls, slabs and other construction related material material with the mixture of aggregates, sand, and water bound together by a hydraulic binder (most of the times cement) which work as a “glue”. Optionally, other materials are added to create better results and its characteristics. Lets take a look at the steps involved in  concrete services

Here are some methods with commodities for concrete services:

If you’re going to build 1 m3 of concrete, you will require about 300 kg of cement, and nearly 800 kg of sand, along with 1,050 kg of aggregate and 175 l amount of water.


The concretes date back around more than 3,000 years BC. They were used to controlled of clay, sand, gravel and water and called earth concrete or cob. The determination of “Roman cement” in 1796 and then prestressed concrete would seal the victory of concrete.  Now a days, it is the most common used construction material in the world: its production is estimated at around one ton per inhabitant on the planet.

Concrete Construction Stages 

To make it successful, it is compulsory that the construction method of concrete come in for the  best quality controls, which equipped the good results. The concrete contractors in Austin TX must also be reputable. 

Following are the stages mention below of building an industrial concrete, as well as some of the tech specifications that must be ensure a good end result of the product.

  • Land preparation

This step belongs to cleaning the base soil of the flooring, removing additional stuff and any object that may create disturbance with and cause of bad impact the smooth running of the construction.

  • Placing the trellis

 Lattices are basically structured of steel bars defined in multiple rows and columns. The bars are desgined by electric welding or gathered with smart bars or strong wires.

  • Laying and finishing

Before mixing the concrete, the work process must be determined. These are molds that define the size, length and width of the section. They can be made up with metal, plastic or wood.

Concrete is normally use for big project, for instance industrial area, it usually included material like fibers (metallic and synthetic) in its conventional composition, based on a mixture of gravel, sand, water and cement.

  • Joint cutting

The cutting of the joint is not an easy task unless the operations can be done by the use of eclectic grinder and gasoline kind of things. 

There are two types of cutting: conventional wet cutting and dry cutting.

Dry cutting is obtained after the complete process of concrete manufacturing while on the other hand wet cutting process done before the last step of whole process before dry the material and the chance of crack is less in wet cutting as compared to dry cutting process 

  • Concrete curing

In the last step of concrete services construction includes the improvement of whole process to put in a good condition. 

Following are the 2 methods of correct the mistakes which are mention below: 

Curing compounds: these make it possible to carry out a superficial sealing of the pavement slab.

Polyethylene sheets: It works for the prevention from water on long term basis. Polyethylene sheet is helping to secure more time for the product.

Damp coverings: In case of high amount of moisture happened, damp coverings works for to maintained the factor of moisture. 

Pouring fresh concrete

The concrete must be handled as little as possible between its transport and its installation. This helps prevent segregation of the mix and premature setting of the mix. For this reason, it is recommended to use a mixer truck equipped with an unloading chute.

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