The Smart Washroom of the Future

Innovative washroom technology is becoming more popular in the United States, with over 52 million smart homes. Consumers are becoming more knowledgeable about and embracing new technology to gain greater convenience, decrease expenses, and increase safety and security. 

Smart home gadgets often integrate artificial intelligence (AI) with the Internet of Things, allowing home equipment to anticipate users’ requirements and provide for those demands.

Several technologies are currently on the market that allows users to create a more customized washroom experience. 

Let’s peek at some of the most popular intelligent washroom trends.

  • Smart toilets, for starters

Smart washroom systems are one of the most sought-after technologies for remodeling a washroom. Speakers, seat warmers, touch-free automatic lids, night lighting, and remote control are some of the most popular features of smart toilets. Intelligent toilets are becoming more popular. Because the bathrooms are touch-free and self-cleaning, customers like that they feel cleaner and more sanitary.

  • LED mirrors that can be interacted with

An interactive LED mirror features a built-in display that may display reminders of the current time and date, weather conditions, traffic reports, and other information, among other things. Like an Alexa® device or other artificial intelligence-powered personal assistants, the interactive mirror is linked to the cloud and may reply to questions and answers from the users. Moreover, they can control other smart gadgets across the house.

  • Privacy Glasses that may be adjusted

Smart privacy glass in your washroom windows enables you to choose between transparency and opacity, depending on your needs. The glass might be opaque from the outside, yet it can still allow natural light to flow through to the inside. It’s considerably more sanitary than curtains while allowing the user to soak in as much Vitamin D as they like! If you have a smartphone or use voice control, switching the window setting from clear to frosted is simple.

A new feature of opaque glass that has been offered lately is the ability to project television programs directly onto the opaque glass from a smartphone or a wristwatch using Bluetooth technology.


  • The Shower with Intelligence

Brilliant showers allow users to customize their water flow and maintain a steady, chosen temperature throughout their shower experience with the push of a button or voice command. An intelligent shower is an essential safety feature because it can prevent the water from being excessively hot or too cold. It may contain any injury or pain from occurring.

  •  Lights that promote healing via chromotherapy

When it comes to a person’s emotions and feelings, color has a significant impact. Chromatherapy uses colored lights in a restroom to possibly alter the sentiments of the person who is using the facility. Control of these high-intensity LED lights is possible via a voice-activated remote or an Internet of Things device. They often have various color, brightness, and intensity options to choose from to create their perfect washroom experience.

  • System for heating the floor

Thermal radiation is used by floor heating systems to keep the flooring of washrooms warm. The homeowner will notice the heat more quickly when a floor heating system is used instead of a regular heating system. In addition, a floor heating system may maintain a regulated and pleasant temperature depending on the user’s preferred temperature settings. 


A simple washroom enhancement is ideal for people who are making it a point to improve their overall health and wellness. Smart scales may detect and store health data and then transfer the data to other personal devices such as smartphones or smartwatches for further tracking, gathering, and analysis. Smart scales are becoming more popular. In the not-too-distant future, more comprehensive studies will be carried out on your devices to create personal insights that will assist you in improving your habits and overall well-being.

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