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The most Inspiring Entryway Lighting Ideas for your modern home

The entryway lighting can either make your interior design or break it. When you don’t choose the right entryway lighting for your home, you can ruin your existing beautiful architecture. Anyone entering your home through the entryway must get as many positive vibes as possible. In such cases, the lighting ideas you install must relax the guests. Whether it is a Living room chandelier or any other entryway lighting, you should always choose the one that adds a statement to your design.

Further, choosing entryway lighting sometimes depends on several factors. It may take your interior designs, storage spaces, furniture designs, flooring, or color schemes. In such cases, finding the right entryway lighting idea can be monotonous. However, if you are searching for chandelier lights in Bangalore for your entryway lighting, then you are at the right place. In this column, you will find some of the most exclusive lighting ideas that are great for your modern home.

Key ideas to find the best entryway lighting

Installed sunken lights in the entryway

In the traditional designs of the home and entryway, you can always find lights that bulge out from the walls and the ceiling. Well, that was for a good reason, and the traditional interior designers poorly placed the power solutions. However, nowadays, you can find a modern solution to the modern home. You can always use downward lighting or the LEDs sunk in the ceiling. LEDs are also a great energy saver, so you can install white colour LEDs to find the best lighting for your entryway.

Use sculptural lighting in your entryway

The next thing you can do is integrate sculptural lighting into your entryway. The sculptural lighting offers you a timeless approach. You can integrate this lighting into the centre of your entryway. The sculptural lighting mostly includes traditionally designed table lamps. So, you can keep it on a smaller wooden designed table. You can either go for a smaller sized light or a bigger one according to your space.

Double up on pendants 

The double up pendant lights look quite similar to the Chandelier, but they are not chandeliers. These lights are great for entryway with a narrow corridor. The pendant shaped light coming down from the ceiling looks almost like ornaments and adds a statement to your entryway and ceiling. You can integrate different sized pendants of light.

Architectural wall lightings

The wall lighting has never gone from the trend. It gets still used in modern homes. You can, too, enhance the lighting of your entryway home by using these lights. There are several types of artistic lights that you can choose for your entryway wall lighting.


Chandeliers are another great options that enhance the significance of your entryway. These ceiling lights not only illuminate but also match the design aspects. Thus, you should always install chandelier lights in Bangalore.


Keeping it short, these are a few entryway lighting ideas to integrate into your house. Choose the designs and ideas that match your aesthetics and space.

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