The Most Effective Weapon Combinations in the New World

Amazon’s latest entry into the unforgiving world of massively multiplayer online role-playing games, New World, has certainly had its share of highs and lows. As the game progresses, so does the variety of weaponry available. Characters can carry any two weapons at the same time, which naturally leads to a lot of argument among players about which weapon combinations are the most effective. There are no classes in New World, and as a result, there are no restrictions on the weapons and equipment that players can equip, providing explorers in Aeternum with a plethora of intriguing options. This type of weapon can be created by players, awarded as quest rewards, or dropped by dead adversaries or you can buy it with New World gold. Following a few months of trial and error, as well as some drama, here are some of the best weapon combinations available in New World.

  1. Melee DPS/Tank with Warhammer, Sword, and Shield

Players that place a high priority on Strength as an attribute rather than Intelligence will be able to use these powerful weapons. Despite the fact that this build foregoes ranged damage abilities, the fact that this type of role is more about PvP and party-based content such as Expeditions and Corrupted Invasions makes the sacrifice a fair one.

Both of these weapons have the same major Attribute scores, which is common among many of the optimal combos. Using simply Strength and no other stats, the Warhammer is the more effective of the two weapons. Sword and shield proficiency also rely on Dexterity as a secondary Attribute score, which is why it is important.


  1. Life Staff, Void Gauntlet

This is the only healing weapon in New World, and it also happens to be the only one that benefits from the Focus Attribute score. The combination with the Life Staff will therefore be one of the more challenging to figure out. It makes sense to equip a secondary magical item as a secondary weapon because a high Focus skill also indicates enhanced mana recovery and spellcasting rates.

The Void Gauntlet, a new addition to the New World armory, is an excellent fit at this position. As the first weapon in the game to scale with both Intelligence and Focus, it is a significant achievement. The Ice Gaunlet is also a viable option, but it is more focused on crowd control (CC) than on damage output (DPS), and it only employs Intelligence as its primary Attribute, so the choice is totally dependent on the character’s specific build.


  1. Staff of Life, Hatchet (Healing)

Combining a Life Staff with a handy hatchet makes sense for players who still wish to be dedicated healers while also keeping their options for melee damage open. This is especially true if your secondary ability score is either Strength or Dexterity. If the build is more focused on Dexterity, a rapier would be a good alternative to the hatchet.

Smaller weapons, such as the hatchet, improve the player’s dodge rating and allow them to react more quickly whether engaging in combat or attempting to evade an attacker. That’s a useful talent for a healer, who must frequently evade hits and spend a large number of New World gold for sale in Constitution to compensate for the extra health.


  1. Spear and bow (for ranged and melee damage output)

Do you want to build a Barbarian, a Trapper, or a Survivalist? As they carve a way across the wilderness of Aeternum, it seems sense to arm them with the most basic of weapons. When it comes to Attributes, the spear and the bow are very similar, with Dexterity being the most prominent.

Because the Bow skills rely solely on Dexterity, the player is able to award the character with a few more points in Strength if they so desire. This is the secondary Attribute for the Spear, and it enhances their ability to deal damage.


  1. A life staff, a sword, and a shield (for tanking and healing)

Because there are no classes in New World, players will no longer be forced to choose between taking and healing. As far as Attributes are concerned, the Life Staff just requires Focus, which means that the player is free to place a few extra points in Strength, which is the major score for a sword and shield.


  1. A fire staff and an ice gauntlet (Ranged DPS)

Players that operate in Rangers, Shamans, or other variations on the mixture of elemental powers and ranged DPS should take note of this combo of ice and fire. This is one of the alternatives for a pure magic build, with the fire staff as the primary weapon for dealing damage and the Ice Gauntlet as the primary weapon for CC.

Given that this is a pure magic build, all of these powers and abilities are dependent on one single Attribute, Intelligence. Increasing the character’s Constitution score and earning a variety of extra hit points becomes easier as a result, making the absence of armor less of a concern.

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