The Main Reasons Of School Fires

According to a recent five-year study by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) on school buildings in the United States, there were 212 injuries between 2013 and 2017, a 32 percent drop from five years. If you look at the fact that more than 16,500 school fires were registered during this time, these are amazing numbers. The burning of schools costs the economy $ 42 million with direct property damage each year. Clearly, the schools are doing a commendable job. Protecting students from fire puts a huge financial burden on communities when it burns.

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This publication will highlight some of the key findings in the NFPA report to help people better understand the causes of school burns.

Cooking facilities

Kitchen fires were the second leading cause of school fires, but they caused less damage to property than fire from other areas. Teaching people in schools in homes where fire is cooked is often harmful if left unchecked. Most of the fires started by kitchen utensils are minimal, according to the study. Fire extinguishers are installed in school kitchens and are regularly monitored and maintained.

Playing with fire sources

Playing with loads and matches is the cause of many school burns in primary and secondary schools. Not surprisingly, the incidence of injuries from these fires is very high in primary schools, where children are less aware of the potential dangers or how they can be protected from accidental arson, while middle and high school fires resulting from these incidents have accounted for 19% of all injuries.


Every year the tenth school fire is caused by heaters. These fires included fuel burners or boilers, portable and permanent heating heaters, central heating systems, water heaters, and other types of heating elements.

While portable fire extinguishers can be avoided with great care where they are located and used, many other heat-induced fires may indicate poor maintenance and repair of property or school infrastructure.

These fires cause more direct property damage compared to other causes of school fires to protect children and schools from fire.

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